Following A Bob Ross Tutorial on The Smallest Canvas You’ve Ever Seen

Following A Bob Ross Tutorial on The Smallest Canvas You’ve Ever Seen

*in unison with Bob Ross* “Hi welcome back certainly glad you could join me today”. Today
I’m doing something I’ve been wanting to do since the trend happened in… 2018 I
belive and that’s “follow a Bob Ross tutorial”. because I saw the trend happening
and I was just like that’s like my my main thing “mi mero mole”
if you know what that means. I have all the colors that he mentioned in the
video that I chose and some linseed oil for the liquid white, so let’s begin! Bob Ross: “It
is covered with a thin even coat of the liquid white and it’s all ready to go so
let’s go. Let’s start out today with a little touch of the bright red.” So, I’m
just applying the liquid white and a lot of youtubers get this liquid white wrong
and I understand why it’s not very clear what it is but I’ve seen some youtubers
just put just white paint or have to be very oily. I’m not saying that mine’s
perfect cuz I think I’m messing up too but yeah it’s not as white that’s not
gonna help it’s actually gonna make things harder you have to mix it with… um
I’m using linseed oil. I haven’t explained why I chose a mini
canvas… because when it’s the canvas is smaller it’s harder to do details even
if it’s like the one from last week’s video that one was still hard to make
details so it’s it’s still small in my opinion so imagine this one this is
gonna be a challenge for me specially because Bob Ross has a bunch of details
in his canvas and he uses really… he was big ones! You know? The smaller the
canvas the harder it is for details. I know it says in the title that this the
smallest canvas you’ve ever seen but that’s a lie. THIS the smallest canvas
you’ve ever seen but I didn’t choose this one because this was gonna be just
impossible. These canvases are actually really old. Like this one has 2015, I
don’t know if you can see it says 2015. So I’m done with the liquid white. Now
I’m gonna start. Bob Ross: “Let’s just go right in here just using our little crisscross
strokes and we’ll just lay in a happy little sky”. So the first step is “Bright Red”. I feel
like, even I messed up on my own liquid white. Oh no, this brush is stiff. Oh no, it’s dirty now aw. Okay, there that’s better that’s looking like it. I like to extend my
paintings all the way around. I just want to give a shout out to AmazingPhil and
Ryan Higa for bringing this challenge back. I was like scared to do it cuz I
didn’t think anybody would be like interested in watching this anymore like
the trend was over. I feel like his is like a lot brighter so I’m gonna add
more (red) even though I think that I’m messing it up. I haven’t actually watched
the whole video I’ve only seen how it ends up looking and like the beginning
where he like names all the colors. I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna… Bob Ross: “Let’s have a little of that pink right down here in what’s going to end up being water. And for that,
we’ll just use nice horizontal strokes. There we are”. Bob Ross on my laptop distorted noise in the distance: “Use the same old dirty brush”. He said use the same old dirty brush
that’s me like all the time, like for reals. Bob Ross: “Now up in here we want the indication of just a happy little cloud that’s
floating around in the sky” Me still talking about the dirty brush: Glad to know its a technique and not me being to lazy to clean my brush. Bob Ross: and when you’re doing this, I’m exaggerating but make strokes like that. It makes all those little things happen
in there. Just wherever you want it, wherever”. Ok so now we’re mixing the browns. Bob Ross: “like it was a little doer that hung down, something like that”. I didn’t have the exact browns that he
said but I have like the dupes so we’ll see how that goes. Bob Ross in the distance: Don’t need a lot of
color” Don’t need a lot of color ok Bob Ross: “Just one nice spot makes you feel good”. Okay….. it looks like it. Bob Ross: “that’s about all we have in the sky its thas simple” Even though I’m working smaller…
I still… I still take longer. Okay so we’re gonna do the mountains. Bob Ross: “very firm just come right along here, push that paint right into the fabric you can
probably hear how hard I’m scraping and pushing”. *Sighs loudly* I’m scared! ok lets go! Let’s Go! Let’s Go!! You can’t even hear me pressing on it.
Because I’m too scared! Okay let’s go let’s go Does he ever explain like a secret to it?
Cuz I try to look it up and no one wants to tell me. So, they all just said mix it
with any oil medium and that’s liquid white. If but you actually can give me good
tips on the liquid white that’d be great! That’s my Mountain! Oh no.. Okay we’re using
the brush now Bob Ross: “take a 2 inch brush and we pulled that because there’s liquid
white on there, you can literally move this paint all over the canvas if you
want to”. Okay okay he’s already moving on but I’m still trying to like….. okay yeah
all right. By the way, I TRIED to dress up like
him but I don’t have any button-ups. THE KNIFE AGAIN? Bob Ross: “Now then, let’s make a big
decision today. Where do our highlights live?… Maybe somewhere along there”. Okay… I should’ve looked for mini
knives. *chill music* See I told you this mini canvas thing was gonna be way harder Bob Ross would paint the same painting
like three times that’s why he’s so good cuz it’s just like he keeps on
practicing like you can be professional and still practice. Okay, I’m just gonna
continue I’m just going to continue… Bob Ross: “Now, we’ll just come right along here, put in little shadows,
very delicate, caressing the canvas”. Let’s see if this works. When you have less space, it
gives you less control now this makes me want to do it like
normally, or at least like a bigger one. I think mines too blue… but I like it… Bob Ross: “that’s probably one of the areas that he absolutely puts me to shame he’s a
better mountain painter than I am”. nobody can put to shame Bob BR: “Lets wash the old brush” *loud thumbs* we got to get that cameraman over there
just almost fell asleep”. That’s so rude is it cuz of the ASMR?? When I was a kid we didn’t really have
cable or anything I actually don’t even know where his show aired, but I remember
I was always into art but I didn’t have anybody to like learn from yet cuz I
didn’t have any art classes like this was around elementary school and then I
was skipping through the channels and I passed by PBS and this man was painting
like just showing you how to paint on like the TV and I thought that was
mind-blowing because uh nobody really cared about art or at least I thought
you know and I was just like whoa and it was Bob Ross (but) I didn’t know at the
time. I didn’t know he was famous. Like I remember I didn’t have paint so I was
just draw the stuff that he was doing. That was a long time ago. And then… then
when this trend happened I was like oh my gosh it’s Bob Ross I didn’t know that
he was famous or what a legend and icon he
was. BR: “maybe maybe right there, there lives a happy little evergreen tree”. ok ok wait… BR: “We’ll give him a little friend, a little friend, there”. BR: “You know what happends if theres 2 trees…. pretty soon there’s gonna be three, then there’s
gonna be four…” I feel like I’m doing it too low. I feel like I should have left
space down here but… because now he’s doing reflections. How am I gonna.. I’m
not going to have space. BR: “down here I’m gonna have some reflections all we’re looking for
is just some dark areas underneath right now we’ll come back and work on those in
a minute…. and very gently come across and we have instant reflections”. I keep getting behind!! Okay, I feel like I
mess it up, like all my trees are gone! Oh no! It’s like one big blob okay now we’re moving on to the bushes. BR: “right in here lives a happy little bush” :’) the trees…. are not.. across the whole thing it’s just right here. How
did I miss that!? now I don’t have space for these bushes
like they’re just gonna be like that. BR: “Just let them bounce in, there” and then now some red bushes… It just looks like fire! Now he’s adding
the reflections. BR:”a little bit of it reflecting in the water” (Now) he’s making a line with brown. Right at the reflection. BR: “Don’ want these little trees to fall off in the water and make a big splash and scare the little beaver that
lives out here”. Oh oh I messed up! I messed up! oh… okay okay okay I feel like I messed up! oh my gosh I hate it. Oh highlights now…okay okay actually, actually, hold up, look at that. I feel
like with a lot of these Bob Roth paintings everyone always says that it looks
better from afar and I get it so now. So now says trees at the edge right here where
I clearly have a lot of paint, it’s clearly gonna mix up and become an even bigger
mess BR: “begin tapping in ahappy little tree. There, just like so. I have so many little creatures that I like to
share with you. I thought today I’d show you just a little bit while… ’cause I’m
gonna do another tree on the other side just like this one. While I’m doing that
let me let me show you my little pal here.” The squirrel!!! I don’t have a squirrel but I do
have a gremlin. This is my little gremlin. BR: *making little swoosh noises* “If you don’t make those little noises now, this wont work” That’s why it wasn’t working I wasn’t doing
the noises! ok ok ok *I do the swoosh noise* My gosh!!! they’re too thick (the tree trunks)! I hope that doesn’t matter in the end. lets tap in a few bushes! bushes! Lets go bushes!
Alright, alright (Bob Ross further instructs about painting the highlights on trees, distorted in the distance because it’s coming from my laptop) *chill music* yeah look you see it doesn’t
matter if it came out a little bit thicc aww he’s like talking about the bushes
like… like they’re like… little people like little friends. Okay mines not
looking like a frickin bush, what the heck! Is there such thing as red bushes? Okay whats… what now? BR: “I think we have a finished painting! so from all of us… me: “thats it?” BR: “here, I’d like to wish you happy painting, and God Bless, my friend.” Awwwwww thats it… oh ok. So this is I did. This is what I have. The final product! Oh my gosh it almost fell face-first!! another shot I’ll show a close up text on the screen: (referring to the hair on the painting) how embarrassing so here it is my impressionist Bob Ross painting.
I think I think from afar it’s good maybe I’ll hang it somewhere, maybe I’ll
just leave it here. You know I didn’t want it to be all like this blob that it
turned out to be, but of course it was gonna turn out like this, it is a really
small canvas. I didn’t get to beat the devil out of my brush so I’m gonna do
this right now, hopefully…. OH my gosh! That was a bad idea! *makes sound of dispair* *makes sounds of relief* Why did I do that? I don’t know! Okay well that’s it So there it goes! that was my attempt at
following a Bob Ross tutorial. Here are some more shots of how my
painting turned out to be. Like I said in the beginning this is kind of an old
trend so I really do appreciate you giving me a chance to do it by watching
my attempt! If you want to see more of my art you can see some on my Twitter or
Instagram @JennsArte or you can see some on my
RedBubble @JennsArteShop and if you don’t want to look those up,
the links are below and if you don’t know what RedBubble is it’s flashing
right now on the screen. It’s like my unofficial official “merch” if you will.
Anyway please leave a comment down below on what other art trends you want me to/see me try or just anything in general (as in for upcoming videos). you want to see me try. Yeah just leave
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video next week and if you’re watching in the future… then… I’m not sure what I’m
doing but you can just catch me whenever I’m sure I have a lot of videos… anyway
see you then *click noise*

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  1. Looks great!! There is less room for error on such a small canvas, so well done. Looking forward to seeing more — G-Flo

  2. I KNOW I said I'll post a video next week but I FORGOT that I start school tomorrow. When I was editing school wasn't so soon but the editing took longer than expected. So see you the 29th! Hopefully

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