Ford: 3D knitting – The Future of Interior Fabrics

Ford: 3D knitting – The Future of Interior Fabrics

3D Knitting The Future of Ford This is the future of textile technology. Design and material are seamlessly linked together All made possible with 3D knitting At Ford we aim to bring this technology to the way we create shapes and materials for the interior of our vehicles. The essence of creating a seat cover hasn’t actually changed much since the beginnings of the automotive industry. In some seats we have up to forty individual parts ` that all need to be perfectly matched and sewn together to wrap around the shape. With 3D knitting we can create a full seat cover as one entire piece using a single knitting process. At the press of a button the three dimensional materials are created digitally. Creating a hand-made seat
cover the traditional way could easily take up to one day. Where with 3d knitting we can create the same seat cover in just an hour. The entire process is simple. It reduces production steps and time and it creates less waste. 3d knitted material doesn’t
only mean faster production. It also means that we can create
fully new shapes and materials. To get inspired by our customer’s lifestyles. We can design with a human centric approach. Which means that in the future … we can customise and personalise our seats for the individual needs and
aspirations of our customers. So the future of 3D knitting
for Ford is full of possibilities.

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  2. Can't wait to see when cars will be available with customized knitted seats. When will this go into production?Customized seats will open many opportunities for dealers, customers und fleets. High Automation within an industrial 4.0 production allows to realize this for fist time for a reasonable price.

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