FREE Digital Mandala program with Happy Dotting Company! See how!

FREE Digital Mandala program with Happy Dotting Company!  See how!

Hi everyone! its AnJela from Happy
Dotting Company today I want to share with you a project that I’m going to get
going with I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time I’ve finally worked
out how I’m going to do it. So it’s going to be starting in early March so
basically what I’m going to do is each month and hopefully this will go on
forever, I’m going to be sending out a digital mandala to all the subscribers
on my website, so this is going to be the first one and basically my subscribers
will get this email to them be able to download it and print it out then
transfer it. I’m going to show you how to transfer it in a moment. Transfer
it to an 8 by 8 inch canvas and then we will all be able to, you know do the same
pattern using whatever palette colors you choose and whatever style you choose – you
can embellish it further if you so desire it’s completely up to you I’ll be
showcasing some of these on my Facebook page, down the track maybe I will include
doing them on some stones as well but for the moment I just want to start on
canvas so that it suits you know hopefully more people, and so you know
this was actually inspired by a friend of mine called Ruth, gosh about two years
ago Ruth did a a set of 8 by 8 canvases turned them into like a collage and framed
them and this was the result. So Ruth is a good friend of mine, she just lives
down the road and I’ve seen this with my own eye and
it is amazing and you know obviously the variations that you can put into this
your own style, your own you know what you like to see it’s just you know
there’s so many options there. So I hope you will join us on this project and
want to be part of it all you have to do is subscribe to my website and I will
put the link below in the description and then you can look forward to getting
the first email that includes the digital mandala in March – so thanks for
joining me and like I said I’m going to show you how I transfer this image onto
a 8×8 canvas now. Okay so here I have an 8 by 8 inch canvas and I’ve just prepped
this with an acrylic background paint you can pretty much use any acrylic
paint and I’ve let that dry overnight. You do want it to be nice and dry before
you go putting your chalk paper on it. So the chalk paper that I’m going to use is
actually called – transfer your own design with Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper and
it comes in a pack of 10 sheets like this. Now I do have this available in my
Etsy shop although having said that I think the supplier might be running
short but I will try and get some more. And so I’ll have the link below in my
description of my Etsy shop so you can see if I’ve got some available. So it comes
in sheets like this and it’s just like sort of old-fashioned carbon
paper only it’s like got a chalk on the back there a white chalk and this chalk
the idea is that it easily comes off once you’ve dried your painting is dry
and it should just come off with water. So I’m just going to pop that down there.
Actually I’ve made it just a little bit big but I’ll trim it in a moment.
So this is actually the digital mandala
that will be emailed to the subscribers on my website. I’m just going to cut that out. put the pattern over the top and I will
try and make sure that this is nice and central you could get some sticky tape
and put it down on the edges to keep it still actually while you did this. I’m
just gonna have a bit of a guesstimate now all you have to do you can use a pen
or a pencil but basically you just go over these lines now these ones here I
drew in here because I want to clearly mark the center so that you can start
your pattern, these ones here are not really necessary and you want to just
basically mark all these other ones in here so I’m just going to basically
start this and then show you how it transfers, you don’t really have to press
down too hard – just firmly. – check that’s gone through it’s a
little bit faint actually so I could be pressing a bit harder so I actually might go
over those there we go, that’s better we can clearly
see that so I’ll just keep going with this and make sure that all the design
is some on there ,like I said not really these lines here although I could if I
wanted to but I’ll make sure all this detail is actually on the canvas and
then I can dot the mandala! So I hope you enjoy doing this with me and the
rest of the community and like I said I’ll be showcasing that some of this on
my Facebook page so please subscribe to my website and you will definitely get
emailed the digital mandala, if you feel the email does not come through in early
March please check your spam or junk box because you know depends on your
settings on your computer in your email that can happen, so anyway I look forward
to seeing what you create! thanks bye!

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  1. Well, I thought I had subscribed to you quite a while ago, but apparently not. I must have been successful this time because it’s letting me write a comment. I’m so glad I got it figured out, because I wouldn’t want to miss your gift to dotters everywhere! Thank you so much!

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