Freemax FIreluke Sub-ohm Tank Review (Mesh Coils Are Amazing)

Freemax FIreluke Sub-ohm Tank Review (Mesh Coils Are Amazing)

What’s up YouTube
Tristan_Vapes here In this video we are going to do a review
over The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Sub-ohm tank
Let’s go As of right now, I only have RDAs like this
drop but i really wanted to get a sub-ohm tank
so I was doing some research and I decided to get this Freemax tank At the shop right now we only got these two
colors in, so we got the black carbon fiber and the red resin. I asked Instagram to see which one I should
get and a lot of them are saying the black carbon fiber one. I’m sorry guys, but I think i’m going to settle
for this red resin So Freemax was the first company to come out
with the first sub-ohm tank to use mesh coils. Mesh coils have a huge surface area, which
means almost instant ramp up time even at mid level wattage’s. It also evenly spreads out the heat which
will produce intense flavor and massive clouds. Alright let’s check out the back of the box. Alright so you have your specifications, what
it includes, and down here it tells you what colors you get and as you guys can see there
is a lot of colors. You can do metal, resin, or carbon fiber. Alright let’s open her up
got these stickers on the side, just pull that off. Ooo yeah Alright so here’s the tank Let’s dive more into the box real quick
Got a nice little display right here You got some extra O rings
Replacement glass in case you break yours and you also get an extra mesh coil too Back to the Freemax tank
This tank holds 3mL of e-juice it’s 24 mm in diameter and it also has an
810 Drip tip and you guys can change your drip tips if you want. You also get 2 0.15ohm coils
one pre-installed and one extra These can be vaped from 40-90W and this is what the mesh coil looks like
inside the airflow is located at the bottom of the
tank and it looks like you guys got some massive
airflow as well. It even comes with a little stopper which
is pretty cool. Lets twist this a little bit. In the beginning it seems like it’s very hard
to twist, but i’m pretty sure it will loosen up over time. To fill this up with juice all you gotta do
is unscrew this top part and you got some massive juice holes right
here on the side all you gotta do is stick your juice in and fill her up I’m going to put some Blue Razz Slushy from
Slushy King in there and see how it vapes. Alright just stick it on the side
lets fill her up Alright I just primed it and filled it up
with juice, lets see how it vapes I’m going to throw the Freemax onto the Voopoo
Drag and I actually did a review over the Voopoo Drag if you guys want to check that
out, i’ll leave an i in the sky. Here it is on my Voopoo Drag, let’s see how
it vapes Wooooooo Let me tell you the flavor on this is pretty
darn good It’s also producing some massive clouds like
the mesh coil says it does Some downsides to this is the airflow is actually
kinda loud. Let me show you guys
Also another thing that I don’t really like about this tank is it holds 3mL of e-juice,
I wish it held a little bit more becuase I find myself refilling the tank kinda often
besides that. I’m really digging this sub-ohm tank and it’s
really affordable too. I seen it go for around $30 – $45 at places If you want to get the Freemax Fireluke Sub-ohm
Tank, I’ll leave a link for you down below in the description. Alright YouTube if you liked this video please
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2 thoughts on “Freemax FIreluke Sub-ohm Tank Review (Mesh Coils Are Amazing)

  1. Tristan – this was a great review. I am a huge fan of Freemax and have a Mesh Pro tank myself; which I love for all the same reasons you mentioned in this review!! Nicely done bro!!! 🤘🏻 👊🏻 💨💨💨💨

  2. Thank you so much for the review of the Freemax Fireluke, keep up the great work : ) The Freemax Fireluke is world's first sub ohm tank with Double & Triple Mesh Coil, with new mesh material and structure, the Freemax Fireluke is able to produce great flavor that no other tank can ever do even at 100 watts. Meanwhile, with new slide to fill top fill system, anti-spitback 810 driptip design, 360 degree e-liquid leading holes, adjustable positive pin, the Freemax Fireluke Tank takes each and every detail of the tank carefully as our goal is to make the Freemax Fireluke the only tank you've ever needed. For more info, pls check, thx!

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