From Farm to Cloud: Korean Air’s First-Class Secret Ingredients

From Farm to Cloud: Korean Air’s First-Class Secret Ingredients

(playful guitar music) – [Narrator] Jeju is a volcanic island off the coast of South Korea, home to Hallasan, the highest mountain and dormant volcano in South Korea. The island was created entirely
from volcanic eruptions two million years ago in the Cenozoic Era. Check out the island’s lava tubes. (playful music) The island is also home
to the grandfather stones, considered to be Gods offering
protection and fertility. As well as it’s beautiful beaches. And a love land. Let’s leave them to it. The island is also home to a secret. The farm where Korean
Air grows and cultivates food for its first-class passengers. For years, Korean Air has operated Je-dong Farm on the island. The farm was originally opened
by the owners of Korean Air in 1972 when there was a
shortage of beef in Korea. Cattle were brought in to
help supply the country but by the ’90s, cows were everywhere, so the farm turned its attention
to more upmarket produce. Premium, environmentally-friendly beef. That’s one happy cow. (cow moos) There are several barns holding
cows who will supply beef to Korean Air’s first and
business-class passengers. There’s also a very
large poultry population, and they roam free. (chickens clucking) The roosters? Well, they’re just hanging
out with the ladies. Peppers were hard to find in Korea, so the farm started growing their own using Jeju’s clean,
volcanic artesian water. And these lovely cherry tomatoes. The island is also home to
the best groundwater in Korea. Because of the layers of lava
flow and volcanic clusters, the island has very high water absorption. The water is withdrawn from
the ground and bottled here at the state-of-the-art production plant. Jeju Pure Water is clear
and clean mineral water containing organic components
so it’s great for you. The water is also being
served on Korean Air flights. In Seoul, the Korean Air
chefs are cooking up a treat for the passengers. (playful music) Here, you can see some
of the hard work put in by the farm and the chickens. And how does it taste above the clouds? Excellent, of course. (sonar chime)

100 thoughts on “From Farm to Cloud: Korean Air’s First-Class Secret Ingredients

  1. Great Big Story is usually good but this is just a freaking ad. "Artisan water is clear, so it's good for you." Yes, and so is bleach.

  2. I've been to Jeju and many of their famous tourist sites, and it is a truly beautiful place with beautiful culture. Definitely recommend.

  3. yeah the food is nice there it was in a plate i was never so happy to see a plate instead of this plastic thing usually there

  4. 'Jeju pure water is clear and clean mineral water containing organic components, so it's great for you.'

  5. Everybody says they love the channel but dislike a video when its sponsored, even it the fact is stated clearly.

  6. your video always wonderful ,but please write transcript for your each video. it's easier for me to follow

  7. Guys, this video is sponsored by Korean air. You can see that in the description box. So y'all including myself was watching an ad

  8. Why so many dislikes? I know it's indirectly advertising Korean Air, but you do realize that the channel needs patrons to fund their videos right?

  9. 2:00 Uhm, did the nice lady just say that the water is good for you because it contains organic components?

    I dunno why everyone is on the organic hype train, but organic water is probably not too great. If it's the chemical kind of organic, that just means that it contains compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen etc.
    And you know how those organic compounds are produced? Sure plants do (that's where the original "organic" came from, signifying sth entirely different), but so do all other living things. If you pee blood, that could be classified as an organic solution in water.

  10. Compare Eastern airlines and European airlines who serve healthy and tasty food to Canadian and American airlines which literally serve pork mush

  11. Come on people, they'd pay so much more for an ad! This is just a Korean Air corporate video!!!!
    I love GBS, but this is seriously disappointing!

  12. Happy that the cows and chickens get to roam free. :'D I mean, they gonna get killed but at least they got to experience freedom and care before… proud of my people.

  13. 'Cows don't supply beef. People kill them against their will – let's not pretend eating animals is in their best interest.

  14. "Jeju pure water is mineral water that contain 'organic' components – so it's great for you"

    What a load of hand-waving bullshit. This isn't information – it's a commercial for an airline and its pretentious water.

  15. Two things that really stand out for you guys: fantastic content, and fantastic editing.

    I will be missing out on a lot if I don't sub. 🙂

  16. i love this channel so much. they make videos with interesting, and informative content. great cinematography, and the editing is always on point. they produce high quality videos

  17. Ummm no that cows not happy… imagine having your execution date set before you’re even born. And beef is never environmentally friendly.

  18. Oh man… I would not eat any food they offer me in a Korean Air. I can't eat cat or dog meat. why do these Asians still eat cats and dogs?

  19. it can never be environmentally friendly since cows produce methane which completely rapes the ozone layer

  20. Korean air has some of the most bland and unsavory economy and biz class food of all the airlines I've traveled. Who cares about the 1st class food which so fee people can eat. Useless video.

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