from GARBAGE to WORK OF ART?! | Painting on a Mural on a Miniature Trash Can

Look at this adorable little trash can!! It’s got a lid, and handles – it looks just
like a bigger one, but it’s little, so that makes it cute! It is looking a little bit worse for wear
because I gave it a white vinegar sponge bath so that paint would stick to it but you heard
right! I’m painting a trash can!! Lets do it! ♪ So step one, after giving it a white vinegar
sponge bath, was to give the entire can a base layer. As soon as I did this I realized:”Yeah, it’s
probably going to need 2 layers” because it was very splotchy layers and it was a little
bit transparent and you could still see the can underneath it. So i gave it two layers of this peachy color. I chose this color because I was very inspired
by the movie Tangled and Rapunzel how she paints over everything in her room and turns
it into a work of art. All her furniture and the walls and everything!
and when I was looking at references, I saw that her bedroom color was a very desaturated
yellowish-pink and so I was trying to capture that color for the can. That way i could build from there and take
more inspiration from Rapunzel’s murals and use multiple different colors. Because if I were to make the background super
saturated then painting over top of it with another saturated color or multiple saturated
colors is not going to stand out in any way so I was trying to pick a very de-saturated
color. And while that first layer was drying, I also
applied a thin coat to the lid because I wanted it to be matchy-matchy. AFter those two base coats were dry, I tried
to add a gradient to the trash can by starting with a lighter yellow, another desaturated
yellow, and moving upwards towards the top of the can – because again, looking at Rapunzel’s
tower, it kind of rises up into the night sky and gets darker at the top. So I wanted to play around with that idea,
but I was having a little bit of trouble getting the gradient to work out and getting it to
blend properly – I think it was because the base coats were dry. So I did end up trying to add more of that
same base coat and mixing it, but it just kind of looked like garbage. pun intended
since i didn’t like it, I ended up coating the entire thing in this purple color which
I thought was the same as the pink color from earlier, which it’s clearly not….
hehe anyway
so then I drew a bunch of stars on the lid, i coated the ENTIRE lid with a bunch of different
sized and shaped stars again, using references from Rapunzels Mural
– you don’t see a lot of that in the movie but up at the top of the tower she paints
stars so that it looks like she’s outside, I assume
but when I looked at this, i kept thinking-it kept giving me Frozen vibes. And clearly Frozen, that movie was exactly
what I was going for. So part of me didn’t really like it. I love the way it looks, I love how LOADED
with stars it is. It just kind of makes me happy
but it wasn’t-it just really didn’t convey the look I was going for but I tried to stick
with it and continue down the can with this idea
and thats when I really realized this wasn’t going to work
because i started adding in these clouds and the clouds were just too big and too low to
put any art beneath them I was running out of room on the can!
so i let it sit overnight and when I cam back to it in the morning
I decided:”Yup!” I am going to paint over this thing
and I started all over again with a new base color, I think what was making it feel like
Frozen, was that purple base color so I ended up picking a color that was almost
the exact opposite of purple but its closer to what I wanted originally
so we are all good! Oh i also painted the inside of the lid.
that was really satisfying for some reason so then i just waited for that to dry again
and then grabbed a Mechanical pencil and started All Over Again
but this time, sketching out my idea before going in with the paint, which let me just
say, is much smarter if I had gone into this (like an actual smart
person would) i would have made a mock-up digitally, so
that I could move elements around and really get an idea of where I wanted all of the elements
of the drawing and the painting but I didn’t do that
so thats why we had the whole mistake earlier,
about 3 minutes for you, about…uh…you know…four hours for me. BUT WE’VE LEARNED SOMETHING HERE hehe
honestly, im so glad I took this journey to reach this point, because this was my favorite
part – it was so much more familiar then painting and drawing and sketching is like my favorite
part of art so I was very enthralled while doing this part of the process
even at this point, I didn’t really know exactly what I was going to draw – so i was kind of
just throwing in things here and there I started with a girl, obviously because thats
just what I’m comfortable with – and when I start with something I’m comfortable with,
I get a little bit more confidence and I’m able to try different things and different
directions and see where i could take this art
I was still very inspired by Rapunzel’s murals so
that is why there is a random flying fish because I don’t know if you’ve ever looked
but Rapunzel likes drawing random fish everywhere – I didn’t realize that until like yesterday
so thats new to me I also added vines everywhere cuz she does
that as well so while it is something that I’ve drawn,
its also very heavily inspired by things that Rapunzel has also included in her own murals,
yeah I included Birds and Owls – I guess owls are birds. and fish and different flowers
and things just trying to fill up the space because Rapunzel
only has so much canvas in her Room – she only has so many walls and so much furniture,
so she has crammed every corner and ever crevasse with art and that i really like about her
bedroom so i wanted to do that same thing when painting
this can so that is why Im trying to cram as much little
doodles and paintings as I can I actually only sketched on one half of the
can and then painted it because I realized the graphite was smudging a lot and I didn’t
want to hold the back of the can where there was graphite and smudge the crap out of it
– so I decided to put paint on top of what I had already sketched because I was pretty
happy with the way it had turned out and then once that was dry, i was going to
go to the back and start sketching some more which was kind of fun because it dispersed
my favorite part of the art into two sections and then I was able to experiment with the
paint and try new things – it was really really fun knowing that “oh! once this is dry, i
kind of get to go back to what I’m comfortable with” and it didn’t feel as stressful-like
sometimes when youre trying new art supplies that youre not as good with it can stress
you out just a little bit because its not turning out the same way that
art would look if you used a medium that you are more comfortable with
obviously hehe so I like to disperse those moments, ya’know now when it came to choosing the colors for
the elements in the painting I was really inspired by how Rapunzel would take a color
family and create all the illustrations in that color family and group them together
and then sort of create this rainbow from color-family to color-family throughout her
whole mural so I decided to do the same thing and try and create a bit of a rainbow gradient
around the can so you will see that I’m grouping color families
together except when it came to the character
that I kind of, you know, tried to use the colors that I thought would look good hehe
and I actually end up changing the color of that dress several times after i finish the
entire painting cuz I realize “oh wow! there is a color on
the opposite of this can that would look really good as her dress” so i end up incorporating
a bit of the color from the back of the can to the front of the can
and I think that actually made it look more cohesive
i end up layer a lot of different pints on top of each other
cuz obviously you have to do a couple layers just to get a base layer down
but then sometimes I change my mind and I want to change the colors so I end up going
over it a couple more times with a different color
there is like so many layers of paint on this can, I’m surprised it doesn’t just peel off
hehe but luckily i did that white vinegar trick
sooo it feels pretty sturdy after I had gone in and painted her face
which actually happened to by my favorite part of painting
i just love globing and blending around the face
i like adding the blush and the shading, – faces are always my favorite part to draw so that
kind of make sense that they are my favorite part to paint lol but she looked a little creepy!
and I didn’t have a paintbrush that could draw thin enough to do the eyelashes that
I wanted and I looked through all my paintbrushes,
I even tried a nail art paintbrush, but that still was just too wide
so i ended up going in with a brush pen which worked really well
i was able to get fine points where I needed them and thicker points where I needed them
and its a great ‘void-of-any-other-color’ black
but I went a little overboard with it, I started putting it everywhere!
which I kind of regret, because I liked that painterly flat style which was alittle bit
more like Rapunzel but I ended up using a lot of black heavy lineart which is little
bit more me – so you know, incorporating the two art styles, its not a bad thing
I think when it comes to paint, I get a little nervous that I’m not detailed enough
so thats why I always go overboard with the liner on top of it
because I know how to use a pen more then i know how to use paint, and that is a bit
of a crutch for me, that I need to maybe think about in the future
once the front of the can was dry, I went to the back and started sketching in my idea,
pretended I was Ranunzel and imagined what she might draw there
I actually didn’t use a reference for this so i’m really happy with the way it turned
out. and it was my idea, so its so cute i don’t know
sometimes it just feels cooler when it’s something you came up with and it looks like something
someone else came up with, It always feels better then if you come up with something
that looks like something you would come up with, ya’know? do you know what I mean? hehe
anyway I started painting the bajeebies out of this
there are those trees, so i used some green, and I have a lot of vines
and then I added some owls on top of the vines and when I’m doing the vines, I thought that
would be a really great location to really work on the gradients
so I would take one color and slowly change it into another color
and blend it out and I think those turned our really really
pretty and they are part of my favorite bit of this painting
they are just fun and cute to look at and I like um
and again, making sure I include a little fishy anywhere that there is room in true
Rapunzel Style now this painting didn’t turn out museum quality,
lets say there is one part of this painting that gives
me a little bit of cringe and it’s this bird, this green bird
i don’t know what happened the sketch was…alright
like it wasn’t too shabby but the PAINTING!
it just had a mind of its own and it went down it’s own path
and it became it’s own thing (I guess I had a hand in it) but I don’t know
what happened oh here is when I take that ice blue from
the back side of the can and incorporate it to the front by coloring in her dress
she looks a little bit like Alice in Wonderland but thats alright
and I just like the wait it stands out from all the pink and the yellow
when I painted over the stars that were on the lid, I decided to use that pink and a
purple gradient so kind of taking from that color family from
the birds and the butterflies and incorporating that color and bringing it upwards
and I’m pretty happy with the way that gradient turned out
and while that was drying i went back in with the brush pen and basically
went overboard and added black heavy lines everywhere
anywhere that there was paint that didn’t completely convey what exactly it was, or
any areas that needed more details and then also I just outlined everything so
that it was separate from the background color, which ended up being a little bit too similar
to the colors that i used for the elements so i wish that was maybe a little bit lighter
or a little bit grayer then the other colors would have stood out
a little bit more but that didn’t happen so went in with the brush pen and went all over
everything! so at this point, this is what our can looked
like so we got the girl and all the random assortment
of nature-y bits and bobs surrounding her in a bit of a rainbow gradient which I thought
was kind of cute I just really like how loaded the can looks,
like there is no space to put any more drawings and thats what really gives me that Rapunzel
vibe and thats what I like about it, its very busy
– it doesn’t follow a lot of design rules and its just fun and creative and thats what
I think describes Rapunzel anyway we need to move on to the lid! because
we are not done with that yet! now that the gradient is dry, I’m going to
start included some more doodles up here too and in honor of Rapunzel who i’ve mentioned
so many times in this video I decided to draw some chameleons like her
pet, Pascal (I guess its her friend…) i don’t know,
do Disney Princesses have pets or Animal Friends? I think they are animal friends
so I decided to draw her Animal Friend, Pascal, but the first attempt at that was like a really
large Chameleon and i didn’t really like the way it was looking and it didn’t really fit
in that circular shape with the handle in the way so I decided to follow the theme of
the lower half of the can and create a pattern of vines and then put some little chameleons
crawling on top of them so i ended up with four in total
little green guys – I also added some polka-dots of different colors to kind of represent the
fact that they can change their colors and I thought it was even cooler like, that
once I was incorporating them this is great because, like a Chameleon that
can change it’s colors and look like something else
and I took this garbage can and turned it into something else by changing it’s colors
I feel like there is a theme here and once the paint was all dry, I went over
that with the brushpen again so its all matchy-matchy with the rest of the can
I think this made a significant difference especially on the chameleons because originally
they were just kind of green blobs and then when I went in with the lineart it
actually defined where their limbs were and I think they actually look better with the
lineart vs without it so yeah! thats a good thing! and this is what it looked like, i am honestly
quite proud of myself with this one like, its not Museum Quality or anything,
but it was so much fun and I got to put myself into Rapunzel’s shoes and just take time and
fill up space with art and doodles that it doesn’t matter what they
look like because you can paint over them and fix it
as you go along and just pass time and enjoy yourself with
art because not everything has to be perfect – i
love this I feel like i really upgraded this can and
I’m excited to use it to store art supplies and things like that
and know I can use it as decoration instead of kind of an eye sore. hehe
I did go over it with my kneaded eraser and erase a lot of the pencil, but now that I’m
looking at this, I see i seem to have missed a few spots but yeah, i think with the lid on top , it
looks really complete, I like the colors that I chose – it’s really bright and princess-y
it was really really fun! i like it
what do you guys think? would you ever paint on a trash can? i’ve never seen anyone else do this on YouTube
so maybe I’m the first! this was really stress relieving and relaxing
and I recommend it for anyone Thank you guys for watching! I’ll see you guys all next week! I hope you have a delicious evening full of

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