Front Door Weekend Makeover!

Front Door Weekend Makeover!

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn,
and for some reason… Our door is a little beat up *horror movie
music* So today we’re gonna fix em up and we’re gonna do kind of like a little front
door area makeover. Replacing lights and doorbells and other things. I think it’s just lights and the doorbell. The handle. Oh yeah the handle. It’s gonna be exciting! Hahahaha! We’re gonna kind of take this as a challenge
to see if we can fix up everything, repaint it, without taking it off its hinges. But also we are- I’m like paranoid that we’re
gonna end up with doors off the hinges for multiple days if we take it off so… Yeah, and like, oh my gosh, the hinges on
this guys, they’re like held on with like so many screws- I mean you’ll see we don’t
need to- And they’re painted over- Don’t talk about the hinges don’t tell them about the
hinges. So anytime we’re gonna do a home project I
start by taking a photo and Photoshopping it cuz I feel like this really helps picture
how the different options we’re considering could look. *Katelyn’s beautiful singing* Gonna get supplies,
going to Lowe’s cuz Lowe’s is the sponsor, sponsoring this home makeover! *Evan claps* And now for the most fun part
of any painting project. Spending 20 minutes looking through swatches
(swashes?) to figure out what’s the difference between this gray and this gray and this white
and this gray and this white and this- That’s Purdy. That’s the one. A little bit to the right. Haha! Thank you so much. So before we paint it, we need to prrrrrep
zee door, and that means scraping or sanding down all the places where there’s bubbly paint
or bumps, filling all the holes and the giant crack that runs down the center of our door
that we can see daylight through, and then cleaning the whole thing off cuz it’s very
dirty. Ok so first off, I think this is a project
that pretty much anyone could do over a weekend, which is good news. The bad news is the prep stage takes a lot
longer than we expected so if you’re gonna do this, start that Friday that way you have
all of Saturday and Sunday in case the painting and anything else uhh… gives you any troubles. Hiii. All done for the night. It’s the next day. Where’s a k-niff? Hiii. Hahaha. Alright now it’s time to remove the door hardware
cuz we don’t want to paint over that and it should be pretty easy cuz I’m just noticing
right now there’s… there’s no hardware in there. What? There’s no screws. They’re just like… not there. I always wondered why this was so rattly. Hahaha. Get out, yeah. Ok so, before we, before we paint this let’s
see if these back plates will cover- I don’t think that this is gonna cover up that. We might need more painting scraping sanding. Errrrhhh. I’m done! Hahaha! Alright moment of truth. It does not cover it. Let me know when you’re ready. Oh I’m filming, what are you doing? It’s time to paint!So the internet has a certain
way that you are supposed to do a door which is you start with these recessed areas, you
paint the flat panels, and then you do these final raised panels, I think you do the edges
first, I’ll double check that one, but Evan went to the store to pick up the paint and
the paint guy at Lowe’s, who has 30 years of experience, told us that that is correct
but the most important thing is not letting the edges get dry, always work with a wet
edge. Also gonna add some Floetrol to make it level
out more easily. Measuring it’s kind of hard cuz it’s like
8 ounces to a gallon and this- About that much right there *record scratch* That seems
like a lot. Ah it’ll be good. If it’s 8 ounces to a gallon that means like
only 1 cup of that for an entire gallon. It’s good, it’s, we’re good. What if this never dries?! Hehe we’re good. I don’t feel comfortable with this. Hehe. So what they recommended is doing that same
order but doing it one row of panels at a time and working your way down. Wish us luck, haha. Katelyn, you’re so tall. *Katelyn channeling her inner Jenna Marbles*
I wanna be TALLLL. Try to do this like, thin. Oh no! You- good lord. I’m already insecure about my painting. Yeah I’m not sure if that’s how you’re supposed
to hold it. You hold it like this? I’m gonna hold it how I feel comfortable. Hahaha. This is how fancy people do it. Haha so fancy. Nope, that’s you’re supposed to do that panel. I am? This panel. Oh. Oh god good lord. Hahaha, just showin’ off mah moves! It seems a little uh… bumpy. Wanna try doing the big brush instead of the
roller? One thing I can say about repainting a door
that was as bad as these were is, it gives you a lot of confidence to just do it cuz
you, you… you can’t make it worse! No matter how we do in this, it’s gonna be
better. Oh no she pushed it against the wet paint. Joobie no. Stop, stop it. Hey you got paint on your tail, c’mere. Alright I’m not sure how much it’ll come across
but when we started up here we didn’t really know what we were doing as much, but by the
time we got down to these lower panels, that looks much better, higher coverage. At the bottom we only used these good brushes,
not this big guy right here. Also we ditched the roller and went straight
to all brushes. The roller texture, I dunno if it was the
Floetrol, but it was very evident. Alright, time for coat 2. It got really cold, like really cold. So quick painting tip: How do you know what
color to paint the edges of your door when it’s different colors on different sides? Open the door and whichever edge you can see
when it’s open, you paint it the same color as that side so we painted the outer edges
blue-gray, and we left the inner edges white. Alright so while the paint dries we’re gonna
replace the lights with something a little bit nicer. Oh! Our fern 🙁 So the first thing is remove these
screws… So you just remove these screws right here,
and then you just reach in and- ha I’m joking- Oh god haha. That’s much better. Not get electrocuted. Oh, oh. Be free. Be free. Hello? HALLO? Ugh, make it go away! Alright you ready? Yeah. Oops I turned this one off. Woo! Ohhh. That is nice. It does look classy. Well, they’re lights! Hahaha alright we’ll uh, we’ll wait til tomorrow
to install the door hardware and the doorbell. Fully fully dry and stuff. Don’t, don’t. Hehehe. Alright so Katelyn why are we at Lowe’s again? Cuz I’m having doubts about the lights. Start by Photoshopping it… So we got that one. Picture how the different options could look. And we hung it where our old lights were hung
but they, they look kinda low. I didn’t wanna say anything last night. Well… they’re lights. I thought- I was thinking the same thing but
I was like eh it’s fine. So, so let’s see if we can find something
a little better. I see you staring at one point for an extended
period of time. What do you think about this guy? $79 guy
right there. Yeah a little farmhouse but I like it. We live in Texas like, we can be a little
Joanna Gaines. Let’s get it. Huh, huh. Wait, I think it’s right here. Well they only have one so let’s just grab
this and go home. Thank you, appreciate it. Sometimes you just have to know when to say
goodbye- did you drop a piece? Yes. Nice. Yay. Haha. Who are those two creepers? Get off my lawn! Found out why this had no screws on it. Both holes are stripped completely. What do we do? Ok life hack time. Potentially ill-advised life hack I dunno. So these holes are way too big for the screws
so I’m just gonna fill them with toothpicks and then see if they catch. Is it catching? I think so. I mean I knew it’d work hahaha! That’s awesome! They’re like snug! Ok we need to like do a whole “life hacks
that actually work” video one day. Go together. C’mon, yes. Hey have you seen it from the outside yet? Oh my gosh! Doesn’t it look so good! Oh it’s so much better it looks so professional! It’s so much better. It looks like… ten years younger. Haha. We’re really really happy with it we’re glad
that we’re done haha. How are you eating that it’s so cold outside
now. Mmm! Celebratory “door is done” ice cream? Just a second. I didn’t really plan this through. I just wanted to reward myself. Do you want me to say the things? No no no no no! I’ll be honest with you guys, there were some
annoying moments during this but it’s so worth it for like the years of enjoyment we’re gonna
get out of a much better door. Yep, so thank you guys for hanging out with
us while we did this and we’ll see you next time. Oh *chokes on ice cream* Also! Also! We’re gonna pass 200k tonight! Yeah well I mean that kind of not relevant
to when this is coming out. Thanks bye! Wait, let me do it again! Nope. Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today-
I’m sorry I was going- The outside looks nice but this is still the inside of our house. Hahaha. Ok. Haha. That was a little extra.

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