Full Face of New Makeup From Sephora! First Impressions // Christine Le

Full Face of New Makeup From Sephora! First Impressions // Christine Le

hello friends welcome back to my channel if
you are new welcome my name is christine today we are doing a makeup first
impressions and i have a ton of new makeup here that i haven’t tried yet and
i’m gonna go ahead and review everything at the end before we go ahead and get
started first make sure you hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already
and the little notification bell and without further ado let’s get started
you like when i start these videos i look like such a nub like compared to
how i look at the end of the video we’re gonna go ahead and start with some skin
care i have been loving this Dermalogica dynamic skin recovery this makes my skin
look so beautiful it actually has SPF as well so i’m just using it as like my
moisturizer slash SPF lately my skin has been cooperating with me but then stuff
like this happens like what the heck i’m actually gonna put my hair back and I
have this little headband I did go ahead and do my brows off-camera I used the
benefit cabrera talked about that in my favourites video but if you guys are
interested in seeing how I do my brows go ahead and check out my last everyday
makeup tutorial but first let’s start off with eye makeup I have a new
eyeshadow palette here and this is actually from Urban Decay this is their
new Naked honey palette and how gorgeous is the warm tones are like calling my
name okay so I’m actually gonna prime my eyelids using this Urban Decay primer
potion this is actually my first time using this can you believe that I don’t
normally use eyelid primer but when I do my makeup like in the middle of the day
when I’ve had my skincare on for a while then I like to prime my eyelids and then
I’m gonna be using my ELF poreless putty primer and I still have to play around
with this more but I do really enjoy it so this palette does come with a brush
but they’re not like my preferred brush of choice so I’m actually gonna go in
with this morphe m4 4-1 brush I’m gonna pick up this warm transition color this
is the shade Swarm just gonna dust that in my crease
I’m going to go ahead and speed through this section cool so I’m actually just gonna leave it
matte like that but everything blended out so nicely and the colors in here are
beautiful so I definitely will have to play around with this a little bit more
the next I’m going to go ahead and curl my eyelashes I have this new eyelash
curler from Laura Mercier I’ve been really enjoying this like I really
really liked it I had been ride or die for my Shiseido lash curler for the
longest time but I think it might have been replaced by this one I also just
got my eyelash extensions removed feel like my eyelashes were really damaged by
it they look a lot shorter than they used to that’s why I reserved getting
eyelash extensions only for vacations anyways I have some goodies here from
Givenchy I think there is Yvonne Chi I feel broke because I don’t know how to
pronounce this but I have here the base mascara and I normally go in with a
waterproof mascara first because it helps to keep my like straight lashes
curled all day so this is meant to be like a base coat of mascara and
something you put on before you put on your actual mascara we could leave it
like this too if we wanted and then we have another Givenchy mascara this one
is volume disturbia and the brush looks just like this don’t normally like
mascara wands like this it was kind of hard for me to get into
all of my lashes and now kind of clumping together since I don’t have my
normal waterproof mascara my lashes are already like falling flat also I meant
to do eyeliner before I did my mascara but let’s just roll with it
Kaja Beauty has this winged stamp liner usually you would like stamp it onto
your eye and it gives you kind of like a winged effect but it’s just not as sharp
as I would want it yeah like what I’ll stubby it is oh that’s just that yeah this is this is why I don’t use
these types of things okay so now it comes with like a normal eyeliner liquid
eyeliner that you can use to fix the lines so let’s see how this is okay so
they’re a little bit crooked but I love the way that this one turned out the
stamp tool was kind of hard to use but I actually do like this eyeliner like I
would buy it alone it’s easier to work with and a lot of liquid eyeliners that
I have tried and it helped me get like a really clean point it’s also really
matte so I do like this eyeliner let’s go ahead and put on false lashes I have
this Sephora collection luxe false lash in the style quill these are gorgeous
gorgeous if you guys don’t know I’m actually part of the Sephora squad
announced this a while ago I do get to work with Sephora a lot and you guys
have seen quite a few sponsored Sephora videos already which is awesome but
Sephora collection did sent me a lot of things these ones look really light easy
to work with I do have to cut them because the way that my eye shape is set
up like I just cannot be like that so I am going to cut these put them on and
rbr back okay so that is what the lashes look like on they’re absolutely gorgeous
they’re super natural and I normally like something with a little bit more
drama but I’m okay with that okay next let’s go ahead and do the face makeup I
have this map perfection foundation from Sephora collection this is in the shade
34 I only use this one time and I don’t remember what I thought about it she
thick so I’m gonna be using the japonesque brush I recently have been
into using foundation brushes to prime my foundations I also just watch
hustlers and if you SS seen that movie it is so good but Jennifer Lopez was so
bomb and I also really loved Constance wheel and I feel actually so good at
playing like the innocent girl okay it’s a little orange what did I do look like
a carrot okay so yeah I’m going to take this off and I’ll
I’m back so I went ahead and reapplied all of my skincare and my primer back
again I actually have a different shade of this foundation I’m not gonna go
balls to the wall again and just put it straight on my face I’m actually gonna
swatch it and see so this one is in the shade 31 sable warm sand that alone
actually looks like it might be a good match and also this foundation is very
full covered so I probably did not even mean as much as they use last time I
also switched out my foundation brushes because I want 0 orange vibes so we have
this Sephora collection complexion brush try it again I get much better actually
did like the finish of this foundation – I feel like it’s very full coverage but
it gives me like a really good matte finish so look I even have some extra
left into this foundation a soulful coverage I’m gonna go in with a sponge
and just make that sink into the skin a little bit more ok let’s go ahead and go
in with under eyes I have this Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer and
I have been really enjoying this I feel like this is a really good corrector for
my under eye bag use so I’m just gonna pick up a little bit of both it is kind
of dry right now but I feel like once I work with it a little bit more it’s
gonna be real nice and this is just gonna correct any of the like blues and
darkness that I have on my under eyes and then I’m gonna go over with a
concealer and then I’m gonna go in with this Laura Mercier flawless finished
concealer and this is in the color of 3w I just got this and I really really like
yeah I feel like it’s a really good brightening color but not super super
brightening it’s almost like my perfect like natural under-eye color see how nice that is so pretty I’m gonna
wipe off some of the foundation on my lips
do you guys know I’m obsessed with cream blushes and this one by Tara 28 that I
mentioned in my favorites video is such a goodie this is in the color golden
hour it really does last all day blends out really easily and so I’m just gonna
use that on the apples of my cheeks I’m actually gonna take whatever is left on
my fingers and kind of drag it across my nose and then I’m gonna use my sponge to
go ahead and blend out the edges now I’m gonna go ahead and set my face I have
the same powder from Givenchy try this a couple times I don’t know if I like it I
don’t know if you can tell but it has four different colors and then when you
swish it around and then dust it on your face it’s supposed to be super
brightening and color correcting I just think this kind of stuff is kind of
gimmicky but as a translucent powder I thought I would try it out again so I’m
gonna go ahead and try it with a brush because the last time I used it with a
sponge I feel like it just picked up so much of the colors that it gave my under
eyes kind of like a blue undertone it applied less of the powder and I think
it looks a little bit better but I don’t think it does anything as far as
brightening next to bronze up the face I have two pallets here from Sephora
collection this one is more of a highlighter palette but it does look
really really pretty so we’ll have to play around with that and then this one
here is the Sephora pro face palette look how dry normal this is and this
mirror is insane it’s huge oh look that’s my foaming Center I’m a little
bit skeptical because the colors just look not my deal bronzing color but
let’s just try it out so I have this a for collection highlight and contour
brush and we’ll pick up this color muse and use that to kind of warm up the face kind of smells like alcohol okay that’s
not really doing anything try this one this is more contour color you guys see anything yeah no I don’t
know if I can do that let’s actually put on some of the blush no I don’t even
know if I want to use okay so that was a no-go sorry Sephora I do have this new
palette from hourglass this is the ambient lighting ghost edition I am
obsessed with hourglass I love their palettes I think their ambient lighting
palettes are so worth the money the colors in here always just so gorgeous
so I’m actually just gonna use this bronzing shade right here oh thank you
war stuff I do really like these brushes though from Sephora collection and I
think some of the shapes like the shape of this one is perfect for bronzing and
contouring okay so that’s nice but I normally like my contour and bronzer to
be a little bit darker like I feel like it didn’t really do anything for the
shape of like I still look like an egg I’ll go ahead and fix that in a second
but I am gonna use this Sephora collection angled blush brush and I’m
gonna pick up this color is pretty I dunno how this palette from Tarte that I
have really been enjoying this is actually from boxycharm this is their
clay play palette gorgeous gorgeous and I’m actually going to mix these two
shades because I feel like my face needs a little bit of warmth but I also want
to contour I’m gonna go ahead and pick up this
shade and contour my nose with my luck see 182 brush okay so I’m gonna go into
the Sephora collection palette I’m gonna try this highlight chain right here
that was Brandon’s grandma she delivers my PR packages to my room and then next
I’m gonna go ahead and finish up my lips I’m gonna use this colour-pop lippie
pencil and this one is in the color little one I think this will be a good
nude okay so it is really pretty is a little bit lighter than I normally likes
I’m gonna try this Yvonne Chi but in this video I must have pronounced it
right one time we have this Rouge vinyl lipstick in the colour shadow pink but
look at this packaging so luxe so bougie so it has a little pull tab Wow
Boosh so it is kind of a purpley color but let’s just see if you like this
whole look is a mess it is a really pretty color I like the finish of it but
I think it’s a little too pastel purple for me and I do have these new lipsticks
from hourglass that look so gorgeous this packaging is also insane and so
this is a lipstick that is actually interchangeable so the color that’s in
it right now is a color you inspire ah I always do nude so let’s just try it all
right so I have this Pat McGrath lip liner in the color super natural this is
just like a dark nude because I don’t want to alter the color the lipstick
this is like my perfect nude lip liner look how good that color is I love that
okay so let’s go in with this hourglass lipstick okay so that is what the color looks
like kind of like it so let’s go ahead and finish up the brows I have yet
another product from Givenchy this is the mr. brow brow gel and then I’m gonna
go ahead set my face I have the Sephora collection beauty amplifier set and
refresh spray okay so this is the finished look I actually love the way it
turned out I also feel like with a high neck sweater it looks a little bit more
fall appropriate so I hope you all liked this look I feel like it was kind of all
over the place some key pieces that I did really like the Javan she mascaras
I’m gonna say no brow Joe actually really did like and I feel like it did a
good job of brushing up my brow hairs but I just prefer a dark color but I
think for the price get like the essence one foundation is amazing I will have to
see how it wears but the finish that it gives my skin is so pretty and for the
price this gives really good coverage and they have a really good color range
just don’t get that like carrot orange color that I dry it at first I think
Laura Mercier is really good at complexion products and I really really
enjoy this camouflage concealer I feel like it’s super high coverage does a
good job of correcting my under eye darkness in this concealer is incredible
this definitely is a really good concealer and it’s a must try if they
have it in your shade I highly recommend trying it out you guys know I talked
about this in my favorites video I love this tower of 28 blush it also lasts all
day and I love the natural color that it gives my skin the stamp eyeliner is just
a no for me like it made my wings not line up and I feel like I would normally
be better with just like a normal liquid eyeliner if they sold this alone I would
actually buy it because I do really enjoy that these lipsticks it was kind
of sticky and so I had to kind of Pat out to blend out the lip color but I do
like this it is interchangeable the bullet feels pretty heavy and expensive
so I feel like this would make a really good gift idea I have to play around
with a little bit more but I feel like today I liked how it looked using a
brush with it but when I use a sponge it just picks up too much of the color if
you do use it with a brush I did really enjoy it and
smells nice it does really feel like a luxury item if you were to buy anything
from Sephora collection I do really enjoy the brushes naked honey palette
blend it out so beautifully the colors in it are like right up my alley so I
will have to play with that a little bit more I believe that is everything that I
tried out I hope you all enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up
if you did like it and want to see more videos like this and before you go be
sure to check out these videos down here and thank you guys so much for watching
I will see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. I am so oily… that if I can be without blotting for the first 4 hours…. it’s an accomplishment for me and a great foundation.

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