Fusion Pro® Grout – Tile Professional Testimonials

Fusion Pro® Grout – Tile Professional Testimonials

The workability of the Fusion Pro® grout is very easy it’s creamy, it’s very consistent and it’s surprising how much one bucket will yield. It worked exactly the way it said it would on the brochure. It’s pretty simple; I think it’s actually easier than cement-based grouts. It cleans up really nice. The colors were exactly like the chips were. The color consistency on Fusion Pro® is really good. We grouted an area back in December, went back and did some repair work a week later, and grouted over it again – you can’t tell the difference. Microban™ is a big deal nowadays, especially with all the mold issues and the lawsuits. Having the antimicrobial properties provides a tremendous benefit. No mold, no mildew and that pretty much sells the whole job right there. We’ve used Fusion Pro® grout on exterior patios, kitchen floors, bathroom floors, bathroom walls. I’ve used it on marble floors. I used it on a ceramic tile subsurround with quarter-inch grout joints. Having a grout that will remain flexible for an exterior application is a huge benefit. The benefits of epoxy grout with the benefits of cementitious grout in one easy to use grout. You’re going to have 20 years of perfect color and no stains. To have a product that’s going to help eliminate future callbacks is a benefit to our industry. I just wish it was around 10 years ago! Fusion Pro® offers more flexibility.
>>I’d recommend Fusion Pro® on all tile surfaces It’s just a really easy product to use I use Fusion Pro® on any job I can.
>>It definitely saves some time; I would definitely recommend Fusion Pro® to other tile contractors. I’m JJ, and I’m sold on Fusion Pro®. Hi, my name is Steve, and I’m a Fusion Pro®. I’m Dan Lambert, and I’m a Fusion Pro®.

12 thoughts on “Fusion Pro® Grout – Tile Professional Testimonials

  1. this is some bullshit let me see the grout job, i want to see the wall grouted and washed, the problem with this grout is washout during the cleaning process. Floors are easily done with this grout you just have to do it in smaller sections.

  2. Haha, at 0:50 "we went back a week later to do some repair work, we grouted right over it …" Repair work on the sucky FusionPro grout.

  3. I suggest staying away from this product! Per client requests, I have used it on a few projects now and have never been happy with it! After 18 years as an installer, I mostly use Tec Power Grout these days. Have considered Prism (more colors available), but have had so many disappointments with Custom Building products over the years….

  4. By far the hardest grout to clean. Also the consistency of the product sucks. Sometimes too thick and sometimes too thin. These guys were paid to do this

  5. I really regret using this garbage of a grout!, I did half of shower wall when I realized I was never gonna be able to clean the oily haze left behind, I took it all out and went to home depot to get polyblend grout, my client is gonna deal with sales person that recommended this awful grout

  6. Just finished a bathroom job using Fusion Pro. I do not recommend using this grout with high gloss tile (wall tile in this case). First of all, I did not float this stuff, way too thick and likes to roll into cigars and fall all over the ground. You also want to minimize floating over areas you don't need grout on as this grout is next to impossible to clean. It sets almost immediately when applied in a thin coat. I used a plastic putty knife and pressed into the grout line to get it in there deep, every twelve inches I did a cleanup with a damp paper towel, folding and switching out paper towels as the current one got dirty (Don't use a sponge or the microfiber towel, takes too long to rinse it out in clean water after each use). Works fine for getting rid of the majority of the excess and smoothing out the surface of the grout line (knocking off the surface sand and leaving a smooth surface of the adhesive). The thing is you will find, the tile has a haze when it dries, even if you go over the tile with a clean cloth. This haze (a polymer glue) is not water soluble or ammonia soluble, but looking at the MSDS Safety Sheet Toluene is a component in the grout, which means it's soluble in an organic solvent (also means you have been breathing a carcinogenic organic solvent all this time). Acetone is able to dissolve the haze, but it just keeps on leaving a thinner haze. If you have a flat glossy tile like what I just installed, a razor blade scraper (and a well placed light to reflect off of the tile to see the haze) is a far better solution, however you are going to be set back at least a day on cleanup in addition to the extra time lost to putting such a thick putty in the grout lines inch-by-inch and having to stop and wipe so often.
    On to the second reason why I do not recommend Fusion Pro for glossy tile. Like the warning says, it scratches. They are using a quartz/silica sand that is not rounded/polished. If Fusion Pro were a mortar designed to handle compressive loads (like brick), I could see the benefit to an interlocking sand. If Fusion Pro were thin enough to not to have to force it into 1/8" grout lines (cement mortar is floated gently and it is watery/thin enough to fill grout lines without having to press hard, while epoxy grout does not need to be sanded at an 1/8" gap) it might be OK. I'd argue that either a finer sand or a rounded sand (like fracking sand) should be used instead. I guess I need to try your unsanded Polyblend, but that is another topic altogether.

    I will say, the ability to stop grouting and pick it up again a day later was great (and to be able to level off a grout line by applying more grout after it has set, sometimes it just does not want to level when it is still wet), but then we never take that long to do grouting with a cement grout.

  7. This grout is terrible, I have been installing tile for 12 years professionally, and this is the worst product I have ever used for grout. I have a ton of call backs for grout missing from joints up to a year later. My own shower is missing grout which was fusion pro and has been barely a year since I installed it. Even after it's cured the grout will still pull out of joints. Fusion pro is junk. Paid spokesman or not professionals at all. Probably never laid a tile in their life. Poor product stay away

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