G650ER Interior Design Tour at NBAA 2017

G650ER Interior Design Tour at NBAA 2017

Welcome aboard the four-living area G650ER,
featured at NBAA-BACE. One of the best things about the 650 interior
is the amount of different configurations that we can offer. First and foremost, you can choose to place
your galley forward or aft in the cabin and then within the main cabin itself just the
variety of and flexibility of floor plan offerings that are available. We offer 5 different aesthetics within our
cabins and here on the 650 we have a layered aesthetic, so it really focuses in on different
textures of leather, we’ve added in a little gold detail in here with the plating, quilted
inserts on the seats, and embossed leather textures. I think the other thing that we did from a
design sense that really opens the cabin up is doing the four single seats in the first
living area and then going immediately into an entertainment area with the divan and credenza
opposite with the 32′ monitor. The last living area being a stateroom offers
the ultimate comfort and privacy, because the divan there berths into an equivalent
of a twin-size bed, plus you have a closet and a single seat, so it’s great for working
and it’s also great for privacy and sleeping.

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  1. $27m …? Staring price is about $68m. Superb aircraft, but much cheaper aircraft are available, Global 7000, Falcon 8x, Lineage 1000.

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