General Housekeeping : How to Clean Painted Walls

General Housekeeping : How to Clean Painted Walls

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you how to clean painted walls. What you want to do is start with your wall and
you want to brush all the extra dirt, cobwebs. A lot of times the dirt will just cling onto
the walls and there’ll be a film. So you want to clean your wall first and then I have a
bucket of warm soapy water. And I’m just going to gently wash my wall. And with a white rag,
and I would be sure you use a white rag because a lot of times if you use a towel that has
color on it, the color will come off on your wall. So, then, you’ll take the white cloth,
clean cloth, and just you want to, excuse me, you want to dry it really well. This is
Ann Myrick and that is how you clean a painted wall.

22 thoughts on “General Housekeeping : How to Clean Painted Walls

  1. No! No! No!
    I am assuming people who are watching this video have DIRTY walls. I have raised 5 kids & my wife smokes like a chimney & I KNOW "dirty" walls!
    Heres a BIG secret!
    Don't waste $4 on a tiny bottle of 409 or use "soap & water".
    Go to your hardware store & buy a 4.5 lb box of "TSP" (trisodium phosphate) for $10.
    Mix a small amount in a half gal of HOT water. Wearing gloves & using a GOOD large sponge wipe wall from top down, soaking it.
    Wait 5 min & rinse.
    You'll be SHOCKED!

  2. PEOPLE – your walls will come clean with a sponge or a rag and WATER. Fill a bucket up with warm water. Dip your rag/sponge in the water, ring it out a bit, and wipe. you dont need cleaner for it, use some elbow grease.

  3. @TASHIAWATKINS haha, im a kid, and im trying to clean my walls…actually mine have holes and black marks haha

  4. I use a sponge, bucket of water,soap and poroxide. But when I'm too lazy I use 409. And for Huge walls like my kids room. I just paint it or spot paint. When the paint dries it blends perfect πŸ™‚

  5. I need advice! We were boiling beef bone the other day and forgot to turn it off when we went out. We came home and the whole house was filled with smoke leaving a yellow oil/grease on EVERYTHING including walls. How do you recommend I clean it? The same way as shown on this video? Much thanks in advance!

  6. I'm no cleaning expert, but here's my advice: using a hard plastic spatula, gently scrape grease and gunk off your walls (don't forget the ceilings). Wipe any remaining grease off with coarse white rags, then mix a few squirts of dish soap with at least 1 gallon of water and one cup vinegar. Should cut the last of the grease without hurting the paint. Just don't get your sponge too wet. Good luck!

  7. Washing all the walls in our house. Been smoking in here for 3 years without washing the walls so no more smoking in the house and I'm using a bucket of soap water, an all purpose cleaner, a dry cloth, and a steamer and it still looks dirty.

  8. OMG really?? I was looking for some tips that would make cleaning easier. Didn't need to waste my time on info that a ten year old knows.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

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