Going From a Spare Room to a Massive Print Shop

Going From a Spare Room to a Massive Print Shop

hey guys I’m Claire from Bella+Canvas
today’s video is all about growing your screen print business how do you know
when it’s time to invest further into the business to hire more staff and to
upgrade your equipment we’re talking with stoked on printing on how they
started it in a spare bedroom then grew into the operation we’ll show you today
my name is Kevin Oakley and I am co-owner of stoked on printing and we’re
based in Las Vegas Nevada we do screen printing embroidery and direct to garment Shan my co-owner and I started in about
2007 we were in high school when we were in bands we had a hard time obtaining
band merchandise so we decided to just start doing it ourselves in a spare
bedroom currently we have about 40 team members we have four automatic presses
we have eighteen heads of embroidery we have director garment we have a fully
automated screen room we constantly invested from the very
beginning we were both very young guys so we had the luxury of doing so most of
the profit and most of the money that we didn’t make we bought another piece of
equipment we invested into a larger space we invested in two people we
invested in the processes and what’s led us to go from that point to this point
is procedures software technology and just good equipment we were approached
by promotional product distributors as there was kind of a hole in the town in
Las Vegas that we live for actually supplying them with contract printing
and at that point we took on those accounts not really knowing what
contract printing was and once we picked up two or three of those accounts we
realized that we needed a little bit more space to fulfill them as well as
another machine at the point where we had moved into the shop we really didn’t
have too many orders we probably had about four to five orders a week which
averaged about 20 shirts or so it was definitely a very scary move and we when
we moved we’ve had one manual and a very small dryer we upgraded to an automatic
within the first four months of being in that
space we did not have enough business to keep that thing going a full eight hours
when we first started it was usually I would make the screens Shane would set
up the press and we would just meet in the middle and we print a couple jobs
that we had and then we would go back to answering emails answering the phones
and then later in the day go back to the press start printing again so buying new
equipment is super scary because there are so many options out on the market
and you really just have to find the type of machine that is right for your
business there are some machines that are very intuitive they’re very in-depth
and then there’s some that are more user friendly so you have to distinguish what
type of company you are if you’re an owner operator who is on the machine
themselves you might want something that’s gonna be very in-depth and you
can get into the Machine and get into the settings and change a bunch of stuff
all the time or if you’re a company that has
employees running the press you might want something a little bit more
usability that has you anybody could hop on the press and figure out how to do it
within minutes and so you don’t have a huge learning curve once you have a new
employee coming from another shop that’s used to using another machine when we
were looking to buy equipment we were completely switching brands it was very
scary to move from a brand that we knew that had great support and we knew the
machines ran for a long time to switch to a more another newer company that
hadn’t had that long of a track record so that was the biggest concern that we
had was support if I were to go back and change certain
things I would have probably bought new equipment sooner it’s hard for me to
think that way because back then I probably wouldn’t listen to myself and I
would also have been destined into a shop management software way center
earlier on we were doing things through spreadsheets we were doing things
through handwritten work orders whereas a shop management software is a very
there are some that are low barrier to entry and will save you tons of time
making way more efficient and save a ton of money my best advice is just to keep
going there’s an investor his name’s Paul Graham and his best advice is don’t
die it’s just to keep going as long as you keep going there will be
opportunities there will be things that will come along that will make those
hard days and those hard times you know up within the past
investing in your business without knowing the outcome to be scary so we
hope this video encourages you to take that next step in growing your business
have you made an upgrade recently that shifted your business forward like
stoked on printing what was your experience like we’d love to hear from
you in the comments below and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
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8 thoughts on “Going From a Spare Room to a Massive Print Shop

  1. πŸ‘• Have you made an upgrade to your shop recently that shifted your business forward? Let us know down in the comments below πŸ‘‡ Learn more from us here: https://www.youtube.com/c/BELLACANVASOFFICIAL

  2. Which shop manager program is the best for for a new small shop ? I want to start on the right foot with plans to grow

  3. I recently made a big purchase for my shop
    I now have a 10 color m&r automatic press and I love it
    I have been printing for the past 13-14 years and only for the past 4 have been on my own since I decided to start my own business

    I do this all by my self and it’s starting to get to the point were I need to scale my business

  4. Hey what a great video. I work at a Print house and we just moved to a 60,000 square foot warehouse, and this video accurately describes our experience in doing so. Good Job.

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