Gorgeous and Unique Dollar Tree Candelabra Centerpiece DIY Home Decor

Gorgeous and Unique Dollar Tree Candelabra Centerpiece DIY Home Decor

what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and tonight I really wasn’t expecting to be doing my intro
video tonight but I cannot wait to show you this DIY that I came up with so I’m
coming to you in my pajamas at 12:15 doing my intro I’m gonna be up all night
getting this out for you but I can’t wait anyway look at my cute little owl
pajamas are these not the cutest I got these in Alaska so okay let’s see all
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stick with me this one’s a wild one so let’s do it okay so to get started first thing we’re
gonna do is be taking all of our candlesticks which we should have five
candlesticks and then five of these little candle holder jars obviously take
the labels off of them as the first first thing but something that I like to
do before I glue any of my pieces together it is take a bit of rubbing
alcohol and a paper towel and just clean off any edges that are going to be
getting glue on them to adhere to the other pieces it just makes for a better
hold so I have already gone ahead and done four of these but I’m gonna do one
on camera so that you can see what I did and I’m gonna be using the gorilla glue
epoxy resin and please please please don’t be afraid of this I have watched
many projects and I thought oh no they use that resin I don’t know how to start
it what to do and seems like scary it’s really not scary this stuff is awesome
life-changing so I I purchased this one there are other brands and I’ve already
opened up the package to do my other pieces but the nice thing about this
type that comes in the tubes you it squirts out equal amounts and then any
time I have any little bubble what do you call it no blister packs or
something I save the pieces because that’s what I like to mix on so you’re
gonna squeeze out squeeze out so you’re getting equal amounts and I’m not going
to put too too much because I’ve already done some of my other my other pieces
then now that I have that squeezed on there you just mix it up for about I
don’t know it says 20 seconds on the instructions so I never really count 20
seconds I kind of just stir it so that it gets a nice I don’t know it just gets
mixed I sort of do you feel like it’s well blended together I also should have ahead of time cut a
couple pieces of tape to help glue my to hold the piece together so I’m going to
do that really quick so two nice long pieces of tape and help I’m ready to
hold my piece I’m gonna do three just in case I need that third one I’m just
simply going around this top edge again this is a game changer to be able to use
this stuff so don’t be afraid of it it’s really it’s really more easy than you
would think to use so I’m just going around putting a pretty generous amount
around that whole top edge it’s clear so you can’t really see it
that well I can’t even really show you how much I’m putting on be generous but
don’t be over-the-top generous where it’s gonna drip down I found that the
easiest way to do this because I tried many ways you have your candlestick this
way go ahead and set your glass on top of it about 1/2 an inch or 3/4 of an and
it’s probably more like 3/4 of an inch away from that top edge and you do want
to make sure that so your candle is an octagon make sure that one of the
straight edges is straight on here as you can see here straight edge and make
sure you’re not glueing it with one of the pointed sides so now that I’ve got
this in place where I want it I’m gonna just throw some tape I’m using scotch
tape if you can do this without moving it much is even better so you don’t end
up with the glue all over the place it’s a little tricky but just do what you can
and then lastly with my third piece of tape I’m gonna tape from the inside of
the glass to to the candlestick so I’ve taped each side down it’s pretty
sturdily taped right now until it can dry up overnight now that’s why I did
some of the other pieces because I really want to be able to show you this
project and I was dying to start it last night so I did anyway I’m gonna let this
one dry for now and I’m gonna show you the next steps so I may end up finishing
this tomorrow for me filming it’s maybe a three day project but for you doing it
it should be a two day project the other thing I went ahead and did ahead of time
was I glued my two bowls together so we I put
eise extend around the edge of one so we have this and what we’re going to be
doing the pieces that I glued last night take the tape off of them and we’re
going to be attaching these to the two bowls that are glued together and we’ll
also be using the gorilla glue adhesive so I’m gonna be mixing a bigger batch
than this and I’m also saving my pieces of tape because I’m still gonna need
those this is gonna be a really kind of a little more elaborate DIY than some of
my other ones kind of possibly not necessarily more elaborate but something
a little different and so just try it guys don’t be afraid just go for it
okay so I feel like I don’t have enough of this mix so I’m actually gonna mix
another batch so that I don’t get stuck halfway I’m gonna wipe off whatever a
little bit is left there and then go ahead and mix a little bigger batch but
first I’m gonna take all the tape off and prep my pieces so they’re ready to
go because you don’t want to waste time putzing around while that that epoxy
resin hardens up so be kind of ready and you know look if it does harden up no
big deal make another batch it’s all good we craft for less stress not for
more so just don’t stress do your best that will come out just fine okay so now
that I have all of my other pieces ready to go my glass at pieces
I’m gonna mix a fair amount of epoxy because you saw how much I mix the first
time there for just gluing on the glass to the candle holder so now we’re gonna
be gluing this which is a much larger space to cover we’re gonna be gluing
that on to this bowl I’m gonna need a fair amount mostly it looks like on the
top because the bottom doesn’t even touch so one or the other is gonna touch
and so I’m going with the top part I think it would be a sturdier that way
so mix that up it gets almost like a little bit milky when you first start
mixing and then it will get clear again but you do want to make sure that you
get all the edges of it mixed together that’s the key to using this epoxy resin
is give it a good mix if it’s mixed in non equal parts or not put together
mixed together properly it just won’t stick that’s why I love this tube that’s
already pre-measured out so you don’t have to guess you and have paper towels
nearby because it’s kind of gummy to get it on your hands okay so the glass is
going to be resting on the table as a good base and then we’re going to attach
it any parts that you see that’ll be touching is where you’re going to want
to put your glue which as I said the bottom doesn’t touch so it looks like
it’s gonna be these top three these top three segments here are about it maybe
halfway down this so maybe just on the upper half and then we’re going to have
our piece of tape ready because that’s what’s going to hold it from the top
the table will hold it and we should be good to go I’ve got it on the three sides putting
it halfway down on this other section here and I’m gonna try and work somewhat
quickly so that I don’t have to throw that away and start over I’m going to
put my piece of tape on from now to have it ready to hold and there you go so that wasn’t so hard
see okay next one we’re gonna go all the way around and we’re gonna do that same
thing and I’m gonna do it off camera or maybe speed it up because I end up
talking and not working and I need to do both when I’m doing this project you’re
gonna want to leave about a three-quarter inch or so gap in between
your glasses and the beauty with this epoxy resin is it actually does harden
up pretty quick so though your project won’t be completely done and ready it
does you do need several hours for this to fully fully cure but it will hold
together pretty quickly as far as for moving things around and stuff so we got
about about 3/4 of an inch or so space oops I forgot to put my piece of tape on there we go you so something I learned about this epoxy
and I just assumed that when you push it down it was just automatically going to
push out evenly you do need to kind of watch because sometimes if you’re
putting more pressure on one side it will squirt a little more out of the one
side than the other so really try and be as even as possible and watch how much
is coming out eats on each side this piece that we started off with is
actually dry enough that I’m not going to take the tape off but I think I can
glue it on here for video purposes and I really would not recommend doing that at
home since you would be gluing all five of these the night before and having
them already ready I only did four of them to have one ready to show you but I
would do five of these let them dry overnight glue your bowls together and
let them dry overnight and then go through and do the other steps and it’s
really good idea to have paper towels on hand for this okay so it looks like
we’ve got those pretty much even in place everything’s taped so the next
thing that I’m actually going to do since this is the top of our piece is
I’m going to put some you can use the e6000 but again I already have this
epoxy mixed so I’m going to go ahead and use it since I’ve got it I’m gonna put
it on the bottom of my little fish bowl or candle holder or whatever you want to
call it and attach it to the top and that baby’s not going anywhere we
can tell you that for sure so now I have a very small workspace as you can see so
now what we’re gonna do here off to the side is take our plate which is actually
turned upside down and our vase and we’re going to attach these two together
I am first going to clean them with alcohol like I do everything that I
glued together again as I said it really helps if it’s clean get a lot better
adhesion so give that a I think I already did this but just to be sure and
then same on here and I think what I’m going to do is I’m
going to glue the top of this base to the underneath side of the plate and to
do that I’m going to be using my e6000 and then this four shirt will need to
cure overnight and putting it around this top edge of the vase and going to
Center that on top of our plate and we’ll be giving this 24 hours to dry
giving this 24 hours to dry and the next step after that will be to lift this and
glue it on top of this so what a fun project I’m so excited to see it done so
I’ll see you guys in a bit okay guys it’s several hours later this is I’m
actually in my end look at I found owl pajamas in Alaska are they not the
cutest thing and it says if you can see I’m all yours anyway so these gems that
I caught at Michaels I was looking at this thinking how beautiful they would
look put in the crease here right around the edge so as this is I’m gonna take
the tape off in a bit and I’m gonna go ahead and attach it to its base that we
already glued together but in the meantime I’m also gonna go in and attach
some of these because I think that would look really really awesome in here so I
think I’m going to need to use a little bit of hot glue in conjunction with the
e6000 until these dry because it looks like they don’t dry quick enough to hold
into place so anyway I’ll be back as soon as I get those all glued on around
so I got all the gems glued around here and I love the way it looks I think that
made such a huge difference I’m thinking about adding these large gemstones right
here but I’m gonna see how this looks once I put the whole unit on top of its
base so we’re going to use the e6000 here on the base and I’m putting a
decent amount and I’m keeping it a little bit away
from the edge because I don’t want it to goop out over the sides once I put this
base on which is pretty heavy so I’m going by feel and feeling that it’s got
the same amount around all sides what it feels about right hold off most of my
tape I got a couple pieces left but I’m cleaning off I know you guys don’t have
a good view of this but you’re gonna get to see it once I put the candles in it
and I think I’m gonna do flowers in the top part so I think for the most part I
am done I’m a glue a few more gems on which will
be pretty self-explanatory in the finished little video clip so hang out
and let me show it to you okay everyone this is it finally finished and on
display our candelabra centerpiece so we’re always seeing people using these
candlesticks in the vertical position but I figured I needed to come up with
something to change it up so this is what I came up with and I’m actually
gonna even show you a way to glam it up even a bit
more I didn’t do it as a permanent fixture right now for you but I am going
to show you how you can do that if you would like to add a bit more glam to it
and I’m going to also link where you can find these crystal beads and what we would do if you were doing
it for real I’m obviously just doing this down for this demonstration but if
you were doing it’s for a little more permanent effect attach them to the proper length but I
think it looks pretty amazing either way that’s just adding a bit of extra glam
to it for those of you that like the glam which I do that’s what we’ve got so
I hope you love it as much as I do and if you do please give me a thumbs up
share this video help my channel grow even more so I can continue to bring you
great neat unusual ideas and like it comment you know the works the whole
shebang subscribe if you haven’t already because I’ve got lots left lots more
awesome ideas and floating around in my head so thank you so much for watching
but more importantly I wish you an absolutely fabulous day

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