Gorgeous Silver Mercury Glass Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

Gorgeous Silver Mercury Glass Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

but subtly that’s I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and I really wasn’t actually going to do this tonight
because I didn’t even put myself together but I know you’re more here to
see a really cool craft than you are to look at me so I have a really good one
and I was so excited to get it out to you I figured who cared what I look like
I would just bite the bullet and go for it
so I have a beautiful elegant jar holder vase um anything I don’t know you can
use it for whatever you’d like but I absolutely love it and I had I’ve had
something similar to it for a long time and I thought there’s got to be a way
that I can duplicate this because I don’t even know how I’d find it again if
I wanted one so I hope you like it I’m really excited about it and I am can’t
wait to show you but before I do you know the drill if you would hit the
subscribe button down below and also the bell next to it and YouTube all notify
you every time I upload a new video that would be fabulous and we’d love to have
you as a member of the glue dot family so let’s see I think that’s about it and
without further ado let’s get to the project so because I couldn’t come up with
anything ready-made or anything that I could find
to create a lid for this I came up with it just popped in my head an idea now if
you guys have another idea for a lid please let me know in the comments
because I didn’t want something that was gonna look cheap and cheesy I wanted
something that was gonna look elegant and nice to carry this out but this is
what I came up with so flip your jar upside down and then you’re gonna add a
little bit of oil now I have another tutorial that I’ve done on this and for
the other tutorial I actually made a whole container but
you can look for that one rub the oil around the base of your container on the
outside so now what we’re gonna do is just go around and put hot glue kind of
all over in a squiggly pattern and you can make whatever pattern you would like
just make sure that all of the edges all of that little squiggles actually touch
onto another piece because you want to make sure that they have some stability
and it’s not just a bunch of pieces that are going to be flopping around there
once you take this off no real rhyme or reason to this and then as I come around
down on to the side I’m going to just come down for me what I’m going to do as
a lid is the thickness of this the glass it’s just going to be kind of somewhat
of a guide for me make sure that again it’s attached to the upper pieces otherwise you’re going to have a side
that’s just falls off and you take it off of your jar if there’s any areas you feel like don’t
come down far enough you can just add a little more on to those areas or if you
decide you want to make a line all the way around so you have more of an even
lid then that’s an option as well so that looks pretty good to me I’m just
double checking to make sure everything is attached to something else and the
reason that’s important is because you want stability because I’m going to be
actually putting a little embellishment on the top to be used as a handle and I
want to make sure that it actually holds up and doesn’t just fall right in there
so make sure that things are pretty sturdy okay I’m going to give it
literally just a minute or two to cool off completely and then we will be
removing this and then spray-painting it and using that as a lid for our
container here we go okay before we spray-paint this give it
a good washing with soap and water and a kitchen sponge like you’d be washing it
dish and then get it spray-painted and I’ll come back and show you what it
looks like as a lid for this container so wall our lid over here is completely
drying it’s pretty much dry but while it’s completely drying I’m actually
going to try another method of making this into mercury glass so what I’ve
done is taken my squirt bottle and I’ve put half water and half vinegar and I’ve
tried it before with just plain water I’ve been happy with the results some
people most people that I’ve seen tutorials on say vinegar and water so
I’m actually going to give that a shot and then I’ll be using the rest oleum
mirror effect spray inside to give that mirror effect alright I’m going to
lightly mist inside making a few little droplet marks and with light bursts and
just on the inside I hope you can see this because I can’t see my camera because I’m looking on the inside I can
kind of see the places where I feel like it needs a little more spray my
fingernails are getting sprayed too I feel like that pretty much got it so I’m
gonna I see a spot over here that looks a little plain so I’m gonna give that a
little spray all right we’re gonna let that dry and then see what comes out and
finish this project up okay so here’s the results of my vinegar and water
mixture merit miracle mercury glass and I guess most people are blotting it to
make those little bubble marks in there I think it works either way but I’ll go
ahead and blot it to get the last of the water out of there
so it looks to me from what I can tell that this method gives a little more of
a consistent spotty effect on the glass maybe you can see better there the other
one is a little more free and blotchy and smudgy so anyway here is our lid and
how the lid looks on top of it now what we’re going to be doing is adding one of
our embellishments I think this particular one I ended up getting these
from Michaels but you can probably get them at all
different places and different even if you have an old brooch and I know there
is someone that a lot of youtubers link to I forgot what the name is but it’s
online I want to say now I’m not even going to guess I’ll put a link in the
description box when I figure out which one it is but anyway I’m going to take
one of these and I’m going to glue that on to the front here of my jar by the
way if you do use one of the embellishments that was a charm piece or
a bracelet piece or whatever it does have these little loops on the back that
are usually linked together to make it a bit you want to cut those off so that
you have more surface area to glue on to your jar and I’ll be using the fix-all
adhesive or East 6000 on the back here with a tiny little bit of glue gun as
well just for a little more immediate hold so that it stays on there while the
e6000 or the fix all dries and then I’m gonna be using one of these gems I
believe you can get these at Dollar Tree I actually purchase these from Michael’s
with a 50% off coupon and I’m going to be using one of the larger gems as my
handle on top and in order to attach this gem on top I’m going to be making
because this just is the gem itself and I want it to have a little some type of
a base I’m gonna make a base out of some bling wrap so we’ll be taking I’m using
two rows with I think that’s a good amount and we’ll just use a pen or a
pencil and we’re gonna wrap the bling wrap around you might want to just to
make life easier put a couple dots on the the beginning part of your bling
wrap just a tiny little bit don’t glue it to your pen and then wrap that around
and I would say wrap around enough that you get about say
double the thickness like twice around and cut off the excess there see got a little glue to the end of that and
attach it so that you actually have now made a little bit of a base so nothing
really to elaborate we just have a little circle here that’s double the
thickness I’m gonna add a little bit of you know I think I’m gonna do both East
6,000 or fix-all and my hot glue to hold that in place cuz I just really want to
make sure that holds put some around the top Oh Lots is coming out I don’t want
lots and then on the other side of that or if you manage to get it on two sides
and then the other two sides in between and I’ll put some of my hot glue and
attach my gemstone right on top this way we have a nice little handle
with the base on it – I think it looks really nice that way then we’ll be
adding again some fix all to the bottom side
whoops make sure that’s centered on your gemstone don’t want a crooked knob taking our fix all again putting some on and adding hot glue as well in between and attach it on to your lid what’s so
cute it’s really funny because I really had absolutely no intention of filming
today and Here I am there you go when you get an idea you just got to take it
and run with it okay now that that should be dry enough to
hold in place we’ll put it on the container and that’s what we have oh I’m
in love okay uh you know okay anyway show you this in a second

100 thoughts on “Gorgeous Silver Mercury Glass Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor

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  20. Beautiful! If u wanted a lid without holes, maybe u could trace the top of the jar on foam board, paint it silver, use silver glitter n modgepod mixed together, coat the top, then put it inside ur glue gun lid and u would hv a lid with no holes!

  21. Beautiful! If u wanted a lid without holes, maybe u could trace the top of the jar on foam board, paint it silver, use silver glitter n modgepod mixed together, coat the top, then put it inside ur glue gun lid and u would hv a lid with no holes!

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