Goulds J7S Shallow Well Jet Pump

Goulds J7S Shallow Well Jet Pump

Pump Products is currently stocking the
Goulds J7S Shallow Well Jet Pump. in this product highlight we’ll be going
over the design, specifications and key features of this J Plus series pump. The
three-quarter horse power motor is close coupled to the volute which is all cast-iron construction built with a one and a quarter inch side suction and a 1 inch top
discharge. The pump measures in at 18 and a quarter by nine and seven-eighths by
eight and three-quarters inches. The tubing allows for water to be moved to the pressure switch which comes
preset at 30 to 50 PSI. The J7S is ideal to the following applications: homes farms cottages and booster services. Some of the features and specifications include: a three-quarter horse power 115/230
volt single-phase NEMA standard motor. The two compartment motor allows access to wiring and replaceable components. After initial priming the pump has the
ability to re-prime itself. It can be run continuously without damage. The volute has a durable, corrosion-resistant cast-iron construction, a 1 and a quarter inch
side suction and a 1 inch top discharge an FDA compliant glass-filled Noryl
impeller, a back pull-out design, adapter nozzle clean out plug and easily
removable parts allows for simple service without disturbing the piping. An
integral shallow well adapter eliminates the need for an external adapter. Now let’s look at the J7S’s
performance. The pressure switch is preset at 30 to 50 PSI with a maximum
shut off pressure of 70 PSI, with a maximum capacity of 21 gallons per
minute and a maximum Total Dynamic Head of 161 feet, this pump is sure to meet your needs. Pump products is a leading Goulds online
pump dealer, servicing customers nationwide. Our online store and huge inventory
levels allow you to buy Goulds pumps direct from us and have them delivered
to your doorstep. With so many different varieties of pumps, all having different
specs it can be a daunting task picking the
right pump. Common questions about GPM, Total Dynamic Head, voltage, amps and horsepower required for an application can make any consumer apprehensive. That is why any
question can be answered by one phone call to our pumpproducts.com
application engineers. Our friendly, knowledgeable and factory trained pump
engineers can size up any pump and make sure it meets all your demands and runs
at full efficiency. Need it now? we offer fast shipping with most orders
being processed and shipped the same day at the lowest prices anywhere. Pump Products, your direct connection to
Goulds pumps and parts. Visit us at www.pumpproducts.com or call our toll-free number today 1-800-429-800

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  1. Don 't need the background music. I have a Gould"s  pump which has been very good. Looking for maintenance information.

  2. Why or why do the producers of information videos think that some agitated inane irritating background music is a mandatory requirement? What value does it bring to the video? If closed captions are available I will often mute the soundtrack and just read!

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