>>hello it’s me tukru>>and as promised on twitter,>>here’s my spooky ooky >>ding dang dooky halloween tat haul>>i went on one of my annual >>halloween h(a)unting bus adventures>>i think it was last week or the week before, i don’t know anymore>>and i went to maidstone, hempstead valley and chatham, >>which is where i’m based>>and i bought alot of halloween tat already>>my bank account is not happy >>but it’s always in mourning around this time of year>>cos it’s the only time of year i can get spooky ooky dooky stuff easily >>and semi affordably (?)>>and that’s it, that’s just the life of being a spooky bitch>>so lets just start with the first thing i got in maidstone>>which is >>this little ceramic cat basket>>i dont really know what it’s.. >>i think it’s supposed to be a candy bowl maybe?>>cos it’s not like a bucket that you can take… >>it’s NOT a bucket you can take trick or treating with your kids >>cos you’re gonna fucking break it>>cos it’s *clink clink* ceramic>>um, i had actally been eyeing this up at my local branch >>for like, a while, and when i actually went there the next time,>>they didn’t have them anymore and i was like “oh. well. fuck.”>>so since i saw it again, i had to buy it>>and it was £5.99 so it’s not too badly priced>>and i’m not entirely sure what i’m going to do with it>>it’s probably gonna have like a fake plant in it>>or pens cos i have a fuck load of pens>>like if you look at my desk, there’s about four or five pots full of pens >>and there’s still pens everywhere, that’s not all my pens!>>i have too many pens>>i need to sort them out, go through like >>what am i gonna keep>>and then what am i gonna do with the rest, the ones i don’t want.>>like, can i donate pens?>>idk i’ll have to ask carl cos you know, he is my inside man in the charity business>>cos he’s a manager at a charity shop, basically he knows these things. so i can ask him.>>so they don’t get wasted.>>or maybe i can give them to some kids i know, as long as they work?>>yeah that’s a good idea.>>anyway, basket, nice, cats, love it!>>and then the second thing i got in maidstone was >>this mirror!>>where you can see all my mess>>oh god no>>let’s just put the mirror in, window in.>>so yeah, it’s a mirror.
i dont really need another mirror>>cos i’ve got like two of those plain ones, >>basicly the same shape but plain with nothing on them and one of them lights up>>but they’re both a bit shit and even the light up one is a bit shit>>cos you have to put your face really close to it to use it. >>so i’m gonna probably donate the plain plain one that doesn’t have a light on it.>>i might keep the light one but i don’t know..>>i mean i hunted for it so i should keep it? >>but it is just a dissappointment cos i can’t see shit >>you have put your face like this close to see anything [get any benefit from the lights] >>so what’s the point? idk>>but anyway, this is cute and i love it and it was £9.99>>it was more than the light up lamp but whatever>>no.. light up.. not a light up lamp, a light mirror! *mutters fucking hell*>>but anyway. so this is nice and i’m gonna have..>>(i’m gonna) eventually sort out my things and have a spooky little vanity situation somewhere, i dont fucking know>>probably never but i’m trying ok? i’m trying>>and i’ve been doing pretty well organising my house >>yeah this is good>>i also got a big old spicy pumpkin spice tasty candle from maidstone>>and this one was £7.99, which is pretty cheap for one this big>>this size ones are usually £9.99, so..>>mmh and it smells really nice. *sniffs* ooh yeah>>i actually accidentally bought a small, like one of the tiny ones in the same flavour >>from the same company from the same shop >>cos i wasn’t really looking and i’m an idiot >>but i’ve been a sensible person and gone returned that one>>and i also got this beautiful candle >>which i bought mainly for the packaging, or jar, cos it’s just pretty>>it’s like a vintage / antique fortune teller kind of thing, >>sort of victorian, edwardian time frame?>>you know when people were really into (what were they called??) spirituali.. >>i think they called it spiritualism. >>you know when they had all the like seances and there was lots of scammers and stuff like that. >>i think that was the early.. early 20th century, sort of the *gestures* late 19th? >>can’t remember exactly. but very into this aesthetic. >>this one was £5.99, >>and it actually matches another candle i bought last year basically just because of the beautiful box >>and.. i’m not *sniffs* that into the fragrance but it does smell nice>>i’m just not like a big fan of, what was it?, wild honey and nectar. >>i mean i’m a pumpkin spice basic witch bitch >>but look at it, so beautiful. >>i had to get it>>and when i got back from maidstone, i got on a bus to hempstead valley >>which is a shopping centre in the middle of nowhere >>and the bus takes forever to get there >>and the bus is the most unreliable bus i know, which is saying a lot>>and i was really worried it was gonna be like a waste of time >>cos usually when i go to hempstead valley
i’m just like “why did i bother?” >>it takes two hours.. it takes like half an hour to get there >>and then you wander around like an hour-ish maybe >>and you get nothing and then you have to wait another half an hour to get back. >>so i was worried, but! >>it was.. it was worth it!>>cos i found this little guy! >>it’s beautiful kitty cat
i love a kitty cat>>i had actually been eyeing this one up before >>cos i went to london a couple of weeks earlier to see spook school >>and i went to like loads of different tk maxx’s.>>i went to like three different ones >>and i saw this one at one of them>>and i just kind of talked myself out of buying it >>cos it was ‘too big’ or whatever >>and i had regrets, ok? i had regrets.>>so when i saw it again, i bought it. >>and now i have no regrets, >>about this cat.>>cos i love black cats>>i may not.. i don’t have my own cat >>but i’m making up for it buying spoopy fake cats (yeah!)>>and i also got this little gal from hempstead>>look at that, that’s beautiful>>oh yeah i forgot to say the cat was £9.99!>>and this little gal was £5.99. >>she’s beautiful.>>i think i saw her first and i was like
“yeah it was worth coming, it was worth it”>>actually i just earlier today i watched a video by i think it was Haunted Bat>>and she had also got this one >>and someone had pointed out to her
that there’s also one with a… >>what is it called?? >>broom! broom. that’s it, a broom!>>and i was like, i didn’t see that. >>i would love the one with the broom.>>so i mean.. there’s still some time, i might find the broom lady.>>look at her, she’s so cute. >>she’s the perfect size too for my wire shelf that i just put back on the wall today.>>good times!>>and then when i got back from hempstead, there was a bit of a wait until the next bus home >>so i decided to just pop in to the chatham tk maxx>>just to see if there was anything cute in there you know like, anything new>>and i ‘fell’ and bought these>>these little cookie cutters by meri meri (in finnish accent) as i would say>>but it’s probably meri meri (in english accent, like merry merry)>>these were £3.99 and it may have been a bit silly >>because i don’t like cookies or i mean biscuits>>and our oven is [sort of] broken at the moment >>but i mean look at them, they’re so cute>>i might make some like fimo shape things from them >>make them into earrings or pendants or whatever, i dont know>>who knows.>>i have no regrets about this either, this is cute.>>and i also bought another candle, which is this one >>i think this one was £2.99>>and it’s pumpkin latte flavoured, or scented. whichever.>>and it’s so nice.>>it’s just a little bit sweeter even that your usual pumpkin spice>>so yum yum yum yum yum>>i would drink this, i would eat it>>and it fits perfectly into this little lantern thing i got from the range >>i cant remember when i got it>>i may have got it when i went to the dockside?>>actually i think that’s where i got it>>and it was £1.>>there’s not much else to say about it, is there?>>so i think that’s it for now>>but it’s not even october yet!>>so i’m sure there will be more >>cos most shops don’t even have their spooky ooky dooky ding dang ooky booky stuff out yet, so.. >>we’ll see.>>there will be more, there will be more>>i just dont know if it’ll be as good >>but i’m sure there will be something.>>we’ll see you next time!

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