Hanging Frames Vertically on a Tall Skinny Wall

Hanging Frames Vertically on a Tall Skinny Wall

Hi, I’m Liette from Under The Roof Decorating with my latest 60 second decorating tip. Today, I’ll show you how to brighten up a
tall skinny wall by hanging 3 frames vertically. First, figure out the order of your pieces. Have someone else hold them while you step back … … or lay them out and take a picture Starting with the bottom frame, use the Hang & Level picture hanging tool to position the first piece and mark the spot for your first nail. Hammer in the nail and hang your frame. Use Hang & Level to center the second frame above the first one, leaving about 3 inches between them. To get your spacing even, cut a piece of painter’s tape the same length as the gap between the first 2 frames … … then use the tape to help position your
last picture. Hang your last picture. Voilà! You have a perfectly arranged vertical display. For more 60 second decorating tips, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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