He Hid from his Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) • Hidden in Plain Sight #2

He Hid from his Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) • Hidden in Plain Sight #2

– Today at work, I’m gonna try
to hide from my boss all day. Now, the trick is, I have to do it while hiding in plain sight,
and the last time we did this, I was able to hide from
him for most of the day. And today, I think I might
have an even better spot. (energetic music) – So, today’s Hidden in
Plain Sight number two. Danny’s gonna try to hide from
me, in my own building again. He has to stay in his area. He can’t like build
anything into the wall. I think this is gonna be
over in like 10 minutes. But, whatever, good luck, Danny. – My plan, as always,
is to kind of just start at the front of the building and work my way back and then repeat. (laughter) (fun music) – You in here, Danny? – Nope. – He’s not supposed to
move throughout the day. So, the shower would be a bad
place to hang out all day. Okay, I didn’t say I
wouldn’t punch things, Danny. (fun music) He’s not in there. I’m looking for things out
of the ordinary, right? But that seem ordinary. I really hope I kind of kick something, and I just hear like an, “Oh!” Hey, how come the light’s are on up here? I didn’t turn those on. No one goes upstairs, no
one’s office is up there. It’s just old storage
that never gets used, so why are the lights on up there? I found nothing up there. The switch for the upstairs room and the downstairs room are
right next to each other. So, somebody probably
just hit both switches, or they’re trying to throw me off. – All I know is that he took my speaker off my desk this morning. – He took your speaker off your desk. Okay, interesting piece
of information there. What’s Danny gonna do with a speaker? Danny, can you hear me? (banging) Danny, Danny, Danny. He’s gotta be in like
camouflage this time. Why would he need a speaker though? I’m starting to think
he’s not in the warehouse. There’s no way he’d wanna
spend the day in the bathroom, but I guess I have to check. (fun music) – Find him yet? – [Jamie] Not yet. – I tried. – Thanks for the help. Wait a second. (woman gasps) I see this couch cushion just
lying there on the ground, and I’m thinking, oh, Danny,
you done screwed up now. Why do I have an extra pillow? It goes to this couch. But why do we have an extra one? Danny, are you in a couch? – I know that couch
wasn’t in there before. – [Jamie] What is going on
with this extra cushion? – [Cameraman] There’s another chair that matches that in Maddie’s office. – [Jamie] Wait a second. – That couch cushion does
not go to that chair. – This couch does not go to the chair. What is happening here? Why do we have extra
cushions to this couch? Where did they come from,
why do we have them? Nobody’s knows. If we don’t find Danny today,
at least we’ll find out where those extra couch
cushions came from. Like, what the H with the couches? There it is, the couch solved. There’s the chair that the cushions go to. Solved it. I’m thinking he’s in an
object, a giant couch, or like a copy machine,
or something like that. And so, I feel like I
have to check everything. I’m trying to think
where I haven’t looked. Oh, I never looked in props storage. I haven’t looked in the kitchen, or some more of the offices. I don’t think he could fit
inside any of these cabinets. Plus, that would be a miserable
way to spend your day. Would I wanna be in here all day? I feel like I wouldn’t. (laughing) I haven’t been looking up very much. I wonder if he’s literally just like hanging from the ceiling somewhere. I hate the feeling that
everyone in the office knows where he is, and I have no idea. Have you guys see Dan? – I have not seen Danny today. – I wonder how many times
I’ve walked past him though. Oh, you’ve seen him
already? That’s helpful. Where, where have I seen him? That would be a hint. – Did you look in the warehouse? – Yeah, some. – I went, we went in the
bathroom for a second, and somebody was taking
a D-U-M-P in there, and it was horrific, the
smell, so I just left. – Did you go back and check? Like, what time was that? – I doubt he wants to sit
in the bathroom all day, like listening to people,
you know, dropping deuces. If I was having to hide, I’m trying to think what I would do. (fun music) I’m hiding from my boss all day so I can avoid my actual job. How about a retweet to cheer me on? I’ll live tweet the
whole thing to taunt him. You can come out now because you don’t work here anymore. (laughing) I wonder if he’ll come out and be like, okay, so wait, you’re kidding, right? You’re kidding. I’m still wondering why
he took that speaker. Is he sitting somewhere just like listening to music, doing work? (fun music) Hello? How much pooping goes on in this place? Every time I’ve gone into that bathroom, there’s somebody under the stall, and it smells so horrific,
what is up with that? (groaning) It’s been different shoes each time. So, I know that’s not just like Danny sitting on the toilet all day long. But, man, that is rough. Now we’re like an hour plus
in, and I’m getting irritated. Have you seen him today? – I have not seen him today. – [Jamie] You haven’t seen him? – Hmm-mm. – [Jamie] You’re telling me the truth? – I’m telling you the truth.
– Okay. Update from Danny, if I can get my hands on the Vat19 Amex Business card, I’ll order lobster for the whole company. I’m gonna have to change
our twitter password. The tweets are funny, but
deep down, I wanna find him, take that phone, and drop it in a toilet. (intense music) I know that smell. – [Man] All I know is that he took my speaker off my desk this morning. (intense music) – Where is there a place
where people see you, but don’t recognize you? Even more, where is place
where when people see you, it’s awkward, and they wanna get away? I’m gonna be in here for a little while, so I’ve got some supplies,
I’ve got drink and a snack. I’ve got some books in my backpack and computer so I can do some work. I have this nice little soundboard set up. So, if Jamie says something like, hey, Danny, is that you in there? – [Computer] Nope. – Who is it? – [Computer] It’s me. – [Danny] So I made recordings of everybody responding to
somebody in the bathroom. And I adjusted the audio
so that it doesn’t sound exactly like anybody who works here. So, I’ve got a shelf that
we made for my computer. I have clothes and shoes all around me. Some snacks so I can hang out for the day. And finally, Liquid Ass, a super stinky prank
spray that smells awful. Alright, Jamie’s here so let’s do it. – There’s no way it smells
like Liquid Ass in there. Like, worse than. I’m telling you, something’s going on in that bathroom, that men’s bathroom. – What? – When I stopped to think about it, I was like, that’s Liquid Ass. Every time I’ve gone in there,
it smells like Liquid Ass. I feel like I’ve seen different shoes under there each, oh that would be smart. It all started coming together. (intense music) Hey anybody in here? I’m pretty sure it’s Danny, but I can’t just go in there
and bust down the door. I mean, what if it is somebody else? Anybody in here? – Oh. – So there’s somebody that’s hiding and I’m curious if it’s you, Danny. Are you hiding in the bathroom? Nope? So the person that’s
in there, what’s your name? (laughing) Oh, he’s getting up but
he’s not coming out. Danny? Is that you? – No. – The voice keep changing every time. Oh you did have different shoes and you’ve got like a
whole set up in here. I predicted this whole thing. He’s got all these different clothes and shoes and everything in here. The first time I came in
like it smelled so bad I just closed the door and got out. The second time, it smelled
like a little similar. Your scent, I think,
started to give you away. – I’ve gone nose-blind. So I can’t really smell the smell anymore. I’m worried I sprayed too much. You’ve had a lot of
experience with Liquid Ass? – With that scent? Yes. I know that musk quite well. – Get your nose in there,
get your nose in there. (gasping) – Let’s take a picture
to update social media since I was live tweeting this all day. (camera snapping) – Oh joyous, joyous day. Danny’s been found, located, found Danny. I’m the most brilliant
man in the world 100%. Dan, I guess the challenge
now is, I’ve beaten you twice. First time it took me to the afternoon. This time it took me ’til like 11. I think you need to
admit that I’m the master and champion and I don’t know
if anyone could ever beat me. Does anyone think that
could actually hide from me? For an entire day, it
doesn’t seem possible. – Fool your nose with the grossly realistic Liquid Ass Spray. Find it and see hundreds of other gifts we’ve discovered for you at Vat19.com. Vat19.com. (click)

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    See more pranks we've pulled on Jamie here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8ttvRGCEbs&list=PLSqiExuEA-RHlcwgr9qhj0KZS_Lnok6Bb&index=2

  2. when he went into the bathroom the second time I knew where he was he used the speaker to make pooping sounds and then used liquid farts t spray in the bathroom to look like somebody was in it

  3. hes in the toilet
    changing shoes
    using the speaker for poo sounds
    using the vat19 spray that smells like butt

  4. She said I have not seen Danny and she like had airqoutes with her eyes I knew she prolly heard him prolly the speaker

  5. Danny could hide in the ceiling but were you could see him and I could hide from jamiee all day I was playing hide and seek with my cousins and are grass was super tall so I covered myself in grass they would step on me but I would scare them cuz I would scream they had to have my parents help

  6. I'm just waiting for Danny to hide in the vat19 sign on the wall which is always at the beginning of these hidden in plain sight videos

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  9. Jamie: “knock” “knock” Danny
    “Knock” “knock” Danny

    My mind

    Sheldon: “knock” “ knock” Penny

  10. Jamie is incredibly stupid in these. I assume he's playing it up for the camera, and that it's all scripted, because there's no way that a CEO of a successful company could be so lacking

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    It was so basic to hide in the bathroom though 🤣

  12. I’m at 6:15 my theory is that Danny is in the bathroom and he switches shoes every time Jamie will come in and he also probably sprays like liquid ass to make a bad poop smell

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