Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

Okay, so I’ve actually got my next essential in my bag right here. It is a tool-free hanging kit. That’s cool. Yeah, this one’s by High and Mighty. What I love about this is I don’t need a hammer. I’m not gonna hammer my finger as I try to hang up a picture, and hanging up pictures is super important. No design is ever complete without a full understanding of how art goes up on the wall, and where it’s supposed to go, and this just makes it so much easier. Have you ever seen these before? I’ve never seen these before. I’ve seen those plastic things but I’ve never seen- These are great because all you need is to push it into sheet rock with your thumb. Shut up! Yeah, no hammers. We’re never again gonna hurt our fingers trying to hang up some art. (applause) So here’s an easy trick for hanging up art, just mark where the nail’s supposed to meet, where the little hanging- Right, where the cord on the back– Where the cord is. Put it up on the wall where you want it to be, where you want your art to be, let’s say it’s here. Oh and you’re gonna leave the tape, you Wascally Wabbit, you!
Leave the tape on the wall. Yes! See that? That is a really good tip!
(audience applauds) That way we’re not measuring. We’re not using any tools. That is a really good tip! I like that a lot. Now, I know Rachel did it, but let me show you how easy this is. (audience laughs)
(man grunts) Don’t you just wanna punch him? Done! Honestly. (audience claps) Show off! I’m gonna hang this guy up. And the other beauty is, if you’re in a rental unit and you don’t wanna hurt your walls, these remove incredibly easily. They pull right off and it just leaves a tiny, little
Really cute. hole in your sheetrock.
Very cute. (audience cheers) (chimes tinkling)

21 thoughts on “Here’s How You Can Hang BIG Wall Art Without a Single Nail or Hammer

  1. Why do all these female day time talk show hosts always have a superficial gay guy sidekick? Oprah had nate.

  2. And what is the name of this product? How much weight does it hold? Any tips for hanging a very heavy piece without using a 10 penny nail? thank you !

  3. I bought these, they dont work. The damn things cost $18 and put them all in the trash after my picture frames fell and broke.

  4. Even leaving a tiny hole would be enough for a lot of landlords to hold your deposit saying the wall needs to be redone.
    And whats the name of the product anyway. Ad tell us nothing.

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