Hiasan Dinding Dari Stik Es Krim Renda dan Kain Flanel – Popsicle Stick With Lace Decor

Hi, meet again with Kreasi Aiswa this time I want to be creative using ice cream sticks and also flannel but before we start the video, don’t forget to subscribe and also click on the bell button for the first step, we prepare ice cream sticks like this for the number of ice cream sticks around 24 sticks then we make the flowers there are several forms of flowers and one of them like this you can see the video for this one flower for the crown I use pink and also black for the flower petals how to make flowers you can see the video this is the first flower then for the second flower I use red flannel and how to make it like this you can see the video we can add a little yellow in the middle of the flower to make the next flower how to make it like this you can see the video and to make the flowers I use yellow flannel there are also flowers that are purple the way we do small scissors like this then we roll it for leaves the size is around 8cm and how to make the leaves you can see the video! now we arrange the flowers on the ice cream stick do it like this for how to make pink flowers and leaves below you can see in my previous video and now we can add the golden yellow ribbon like this at the bottom of the flower and also at the top, like this and this is on the back we add ice cream sticks we add the rope as a hook I use hemp rope for the rope! and the result is like this wall decorations made of ice cream sticks and flannel happy trying and thank you

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