High Point Market- Interior Design with Jennifer Decorates

High Point Market- Interior Design with Jennifer Decorates

Ever wonder what it’s like to go to High
Point, North Carolina? Well this video I’m going to show you just a little bit of
behind the scenes of what it’s like to attend market. Now I go at least once a
year to High Point. I’m always looking for something really unique, really
different. I’m choosing things for our store and most of the time I’m going to
choose things that I would have in my own home.
it is an overwhelming process. It blows your mind because there’s so much
to look at but it is a lot of fun. This past market I attended with my sweet
husband and my middle son and his wife who is expecting their first baby. So
this video is just a snippet of what it’s like to attend High Point Market. I am at High Point, North Carolina I’m
absolutely excited to be here I want to give you guys a little bit of an inside
scoop about what they all the hub bub is about. So about 70 to 80 thousand people attend
this market. This is the largest home furnished market in the
world. People from over a hundred countries come here. Behind me this is
the transportation hub. This is where everybody gets bussed in and
then everybody heads out to wherever they’re going to go shop. The main
building behind me is called the IHFC building. It is the international home furnishing center.
The first floor alone has 80,000 square feet. This is where everybody’s hoping to find the
next big thing. Now the building behind over here this is the showplace building
and this is where Alice Josh and Scott and I are going to head today and check
out some new things so I’ll take you along for the ride. Another stop this is called the market.
Not only is it in a really really cool building- it’s got some really unique
newer vendors and in Atlanta we call them temporaries but this is where I’m hoping
to find maybe some really unique things for the store. One of my favorite places to shop and Well I hope you enjoyed that small
snippet of what it’s like to go to High Point, North Carolina. Be sure to
subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have a lot more videos coming out
later. Have a wonderful day.

19 thoughts on “High Point Market- Interior Design with Jennifer Decorates

  1. Can anyone go? Or is it just for buyers. Would love to take that all in. Enjoyed the snippet. Sorry, I can't find the answer to my question. Can anyone go to the Highpointe Market?

  2. This takes me back when I attended 20 years ago!! It's changed but still so nostalgic. I'm so happy you shared this. 💞💞

  3. Hey, I really enjoyed the little walk through. I've always wanted to go there. I have family that lives in the area but now I know it's for buyers only. However, can you tell me if they have any of the couches that are down filled and made real sturdy to last forever? I will never buy the other brands again. I said my next sofa will last for the rest of my life!! ❤

  4. I've been there twice many years ago.  I remember my shins hurt from walking.  Never walked so much in my life and I was a walker doing 4 miles every day working in San Francisco… But, there, it was many, many more miles!!!!!!

  5. Love what you do!!! So wish I had had your help with my new house….. I would like to buy the 3 piece arched mirror set you showed in your shop. Is it still available? A Devoted Follower!,

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