Home Decor as a Minimalist

I believe that your home should reflect
who you are and what makes you happy. Even though I’m a minimalist, I don’t
believe that every wall should be empty and every surface clear of stuff. I’m a
little more picky with the things I choose to decorate with but I still
believe in decorating. I don’t want my home to feel empty. It needs to feel like
mine. Though I love looking at trendy minimalist homes I know that this kind
of aesthetic isn’t me. There aren’t enough personal touches.
It’s too staged. I don’t need my home to look like a
magazine, it needs to feel like home. I like texture, life, natural materials, tea,
and pandas. I like displaying art that means something to me or my boyfriend
because it isn’t just my home. It’s my partner’s home as well. I also like
displaying items that have a utilitarian purpose. My boyfriend and I rarely sit
down to a cup of tea, but seeing the teapot and teacups on display reminds me
that those moments are important and we should make more time for them. I think it’s the little quirks I make your
home unique. So I’m not afraid to display something that doesn’t conform
to the minimalist aesthetic of white and marble. I am more than that and my home
should reflect that. Yet I am still a minimalist and that means I spend more
time thinking about what I want on display and if it’s too much. I’m not
afraid of empty spaces, blank walls, or bare surfaces. I know that in due time
I’ll find out what items belong there. Being a minimalist means viewing your
space, your items, and yourself differently. Make your space reflect who
you are and what you love. And have fun with it! Thanks so much for watching and
I’ll see you all in my next video!

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