Home Decor : Party Table Setting Ideas With Table Setting Expert Ami Kothari

Home Decor : Party Table Setting Ideas With Table Setting Expert Ami Kothari

So it’s that time of the year again when everything is about festivities Celebration family and friends. This is the time of the year for take massive Gatherings lots of sweet eating and walking down memory lane needless to say and such gatherings Food becomes a focal point which is why your dining table becomes supremely important and to take care of all your Party needs. So to take care of all your party needs. I am meeting today with table styling expert Ami Kothari at the gorgeous address home store in Pune and we are going to create some or just gorgeous table setting and you can definitely Pick up some tips and tricks for your parties that are coming up. So let’s go to address home and meet Ami Hi Ami we are here All excited about what you have in store for us. Me too. Hi Tejaswini. Tejaswini is the one you will meet when you come to address home. She’s the lady behind it all It is me and Disha, Disha is not here right now. Coming on the channel for a second time the first time over fun If you guys haven’t seen the first video the link it in the description box below go and have a look at that one So what are you doing today Ami? So? I have thought of a look that is more festive with bright colors and it is just not very traditional. It is the perfect season for get togethers and spending time with family. So I have to tell you guys that Food becomes tastier when the table is set well and conversations become warmer Where there is beautiful setting around you and Ami knows how to do just that So today we’re gonna set a table and get ready for a dinner party So I have these lovely round mats. They almost look like a lotus pod. So I think its very important to think of a colour scheme right? For your table, it can’t be a mixture of colours. So I am using very neutral crockery. It is basically off white and green Then you can add different colours to the table, and make it different every time. and these are the side plates. I am just keeping them here. and there are various ways to place the side plates. You can also keep one on top of the other which also works quite well. So it is very elegant. so far it is very neutral, now we add some colour I think sometimes we get so used to doing things the conventional way that we don’t That you don’t think of using these things to accessorise the table with Ya, you would probably just put them in a vase on the side, but not on the table like this. You can have some tea lights for an evening party. So even with the napkins, there are lots of ways to play around with them Ya ya And that is another way to add colour And that is easier to change you can change it every season where as your crockery you cannot change often And then I have these leaves that I got from outside and I’m gonna use them to write each ones name That’s my name. So I am the next guest at Ami’s next dinner party This is such a cool idea. So often you think that you don’t have place cards and you don’t have the card holders. you need them. It ties up really well with the green and red on the table and napkins. so we are set. we are all set for our dinner party.. accessories & crockery courtesy Address Home Pune Ok Ami, you are showing us a second option for table setting for the festive season, because what is life without options. Yeah, what are we doing. So here I have chosen these square mats. Then they have a runner here typically we use it to run across the centre here I’m going to use this as a mat So just have it falling like this Would have never thought of using the table runner as a mat so we are using it horizontally The actual plate setting will be on the runner So it also works as a base for my centre piece Abhilasha can I ask you to pass the flowers I hope I don’t mess up the flowers. It is good to have some of these props handy because last minute if something comes up you are ready You can even add some fairy lights on the table so there are no rules there is nothing that you cannot add and can add this looks so beautiful and so easy to set up and just some candles here So tin this setting we are using a slightly raised setting and then we are using the plates Tejaswini just mentioned the Miran Collection from Address Home they are so minimal and beautiful So we are using tea light holders on the plate setting You know sometimes we end up making so much food that we don’t have place for a centre piece it is great to have decor on your plates. i think doing a good table setting and actually paying attention to the decor says a lot about you and it tells the other person how special they are otherwise it is just another meal So if you need to make someone feel special this is what you need to do Give us tips on how you can plan a dinner party once you have your menu ready you have the Ingredient list ready then you think of the decor and gather the decor items that you need? because that is the toughest part. once you have everything ready it is easy to set the table Yeah, but just plan what you want and get everything together. So Ami conducts a lot of table styling workshops all over the country She is constantly traveling and conducting these workshops And if you would like to know where her next workshop is make sure you follow her on Facebook On Instagram and stay in touch with her all the links are in the description box below

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  1. Nice video idea.. always watch all your videos.. ONE SUGGESTION.. you should have shot video from top view from the beginning.. kinda lost interest to watch

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