Home Decor Shopping at Target! | MOM VLOG

Home Decor Shopping at Target! | MOM VLOG

(upbeat music) – [Raven] You wanna go to Target? – Yeah! Maya coming too? – [Raven] Yeah, Maya’s coming too. – (child yelling) Yeah! (upbeat music) – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven and welcome
back to another vlog. Today is going to be
a “Shop with Us” vlog. As you guys know, I just
recently moved into this house and there is a lot of
stuff that I need to buy. Some just like household essentials, and then of course furniture,
decor, all types of stuff; organizational, baskets,
and bins, and drawer liners, and stuff for the kitchen. The list goes on and on. So, today we are going
to take a trip to Target. – (child yells) Yeah! – [Raven] Are you excited to go to Target? – Yes! – Now I actually have a good excuse to be going to Target all the time and Home Goods, and all those places. Because I actually do really need stuff, so you can’t say anything to me. My hair is still damp from
my shower this morning so you guys will probably see
it progressively get fluffier throughout this vlog. So I’ve been making a list
of all the stuff that I need. This is like kitchen stuff,
just regular house stuff. I also made a list for the
master bathroom, closet. I need a bunch of stuff,
and this is just like a starter list of most stuff
that I know I can get at Target but there’s so much more other than this. I’m just gonna start with
like some essentials, starter items at Target
today and then eventually, I’ll probably be making more
vlogs shopping at more places, and getting more stuff. So stay tuned for lots of
shopping on my channel. Alright, you ready to go? – (child yells) Yes! – [Raven] Maya is here
acting like a dead zombie. (intense music) But she will be joining
us for this excursion. Is that your baby? What’s your baby’s name? You don’t know? You don’t know your own baby’s name? What’s your baby’s name? – Um.. – You don’t know? You have to give her a name. (woman yells) Your baby! You can’t throw your baby on the floor! (woman yells) You have to
be gentle with the baby! Are you gonna take your baby to the store? Alright, let’s go. (child yells) We’re here! Wake up! (woman stretching) Wake your booty up! Ziya are you awake? Come on, we’re going to Target, get hyped! Get hyped! I guess Target doesn’t
hype other people up, like it hypes me up. (sad trombone sound) (upbeat music) Let’s see, first I know
I need some containers. (upbeat music) You need a rug for your playroom. I don’t know if they have
one here that I would like. I also need like a kitchen
sink rug, whatever it’s called. Eh, I’m not sold. Ya’ll see how I just
finessed that with one hand? Out of all these, I would say
either this one or this one. Which one do you like for my kitchen? (crickets chirping) Or should I keep looking somewhere else? I think I’m just gonna keep looking. I’ll check HomeGoods. Low-key this bookshelf is
the exact type of bookshelf I’m looking for for the living room. Black iron, light colored wood. It might be a little small? Actually I think this
might be the right size. Okay, I’mma keep this in mind. This is pretty much exactly
what I plan on doing in the living room, which just have like decorative pieces on it. Or maybe even this one. It’s more of a grayish wood. I like this stuff for my office. I have that. I have that. And I have that. And I have that. Plants! Yes! Oh I like this little
set-up right here too. This black thing would
go good in the kitchen. The basket is 40 dollars, jeez la weez. Okay, how much is this one? Eighty dollars. Fake plants are expensive, ya’ll. I need these for my bathroom, ’cause I had some of these color but we’re over this phase
of my home decor life. You have to hold them Zy,
’cause you’re in the way. Or put them down by your feet. Haven’t really gotten to
decorating Ziya’s room yet, but I know when I get there I
will be over in this section. (singing) They have really cute stuff! Oh this is cute, because
I’m thinking about doing a cloud theme in her room. This is like a little cloud shelf. I could get a couple of these. That’ll be cute. Oh look, a rainbow neon sign thing. Oh yeah I’mma definitely come
back for stuff for her room. So I’ve decided to get black
wash cloths, faith towels, face (laughing) towels. Whatever you wanna call them. Because I feel like I destroyed
the white ones so much with makeup and stuff,
that if I get black, black still kind of
matches with my bathroom and they won’t get destroyed. But Target has a lot of
cute colors of towels, if you guys want to like
match your bathroom decor. So I wanted to get a
new electric toothbrush. I’ve heard about these, and
I was gonna get the gold one but how come the gold one
and the rose gold is 40, but the blue and green are 25, and the only difference is the color? A whole scam, but you
know I gotta get the gold! (upbeat music) Somehow I only got two bags of stuff. But it was 200 dollars. Can I have one? Not orange, can I have a red one? Thank you! Alright so I managed to spend, oh, two hundred dollars at Target. Really only got a few basic things, like stuff for my bathroom,
kind of boring stuff. Not really any like decor. I mean I got Ziya a shower
curtain rod, a shower curtain. I got some containers, I got
like just some random stuff, some bug spray. So I want to actually go
look at HomeGoods real quick just to browse through
and see what they have, in terms of kitchen and bathroom stuff. And then we will head home. Could get some cute sparkly
stuff for Ziya’s bathroom. This is cute, since we got her
a blush pink shower curtain. I found these, um, wooden – Stop! – [Raven] Hey, let me show the people! The drawer divider thingies,
expandable for like your silverware and these are $12.99. I saw a similar thing
at Target for like $20, so this is a really
good deal on these two. Trying to see, should I just get like a cute disposable thing of soap, or an actual soap dispenser
for Ziya’s bathroom? I like this one. But I do like this, like for the kitchen. It’s kinda gross, but I can clean it off. – [Ziya] Mommy, I go potty. – [Raven] You need to go potty? Okay, hold on. (child singing) – Potty break! Are you done? – Yes! – Are your hands clean? – Yes! – Ready to go back shopping? – Yes! (child talking) It’s bad when you go in a store and all you really see is a
bunch of stuff you already have. You like that dinosaur thing? – You buy it please? – I think you’re almost
too big for that already. You’re outgrowing a lot of baby stuff. You have to get big girl stuff now. So I just came across these bookends, with these sparkly crystals on them. They’re so cute! And I’m gonna get two of
them, ’cause I have an idea on how I can use these in my glam room. Look how pretty! – [Ziya] What about these? – [Raven] What is that? – It’s ice cream. – [Raven] Ice cream glass markers. You don’t even know what that is. You don’t need that. It’s not a toy. (somber music) I think this would be
perfect for the mail room. Sorting papers and mail and stuff. – [Ziya] No this, no this. – [Raven] You just pointing
at random stuff now. I’m gonna get this. (upbeat guitar music) Alright so we’re back home. I dropped Maya off at my mom’s house, ’cause she wasn’t feeling
good. (child talking) Huh? (child talking) At Grammy’s house, sorry. Ziya and I are taking a lunch break. We got Tropical.. what is
this place called again? Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I’ve been eating this non-stop. It’s like my favorite thing right now. (child talking) Yeah, you got a smoothie too? – But it has E-R-A-F. – [Raven] I think it’s C-A-F-E. And that spells cafe. Look, C.. – A-F-D. – [Raven] No, what letter is that? – D. – [Raven] E. E for elephant. Are you forgetting your letters? Do we need to do alphabet review? – And on yours too. – [Raven] Yes I have it on mine too. Their summer drink, the
watermelon mojito is really good, highly recommend. Ziya is still in her picky eater phase. Not even picky eater, but
just like doesn’t like to eat, period. – I eat it all! – [Raven] You’re doing a good job though! Okay, chew and swallow. (upbeat music) Okay so let’s do a
little haul of everything that I bought today, starting off with the random boring stuff. Dish soap, because I need to wash dishes, and I like to keep my dish soap in this decorative soap dispenser
that I got from Target. I think I said that earlier
when we were in Target. I think this is really
meant for your bathroom, but it’s cute and matches my kitchen, so I just buy the jumbo thing of dish soap and refill this thing. Then I got some Raid Bug Barrier. You like spray this around
your doors and windows to keep bugs from coming in
your house, so need that. Then I got some Off Mosquito Repellent, because when we’re
chilling on the back patio, mosquitoes are real bad
where I live so we need this. Then I got some self-adherent wrap, like where you wrap up injuries, because if you don’t follow me on Twitter, I think I broke my toe
and I need to wrap it up because it really hurts. Then I got this $40 electric
battery-operated toothbrush, because I like using
an electric toothbrush and this one is cute and
I’ve seen it on YouTube. So I bought it and I
really wanted the gold one, even though it was $15 more. I got five like wash cloth
bath towels in black, in like the nice thick soft ones. I got Ziya a shower curtain
that looks like this. I think it’s still cute for
a little girl’s bathroom but it’s not quite as childish
as her old shower curtain, which is like really
brightly colored printed. You know, it’s a little
jarring, so this one’s a little bit more toned down,
a tiny bit more grown-up. And then I also got her
one of these curtain rod, shower curtain thingies. I got two wooden kitchen utensils, really I don’t even plan
on cooking with these. I just got them for decor
purposes to look cute in my little jar on my countertop. And then one black rubber spatula. I did actually need this, I
probably will actually use this. But, it matches my kitchen as well. Then I got three of these
plastic soap dispensers. I thought that they would be
really cute for my shower, because in my shower I have like a little cubby thing built in, where you can keep your products. But I think I think it
looks really cluttered when you just have a bunch of
random products in your shower so I just really wanna
keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash in there. It’ll look really, you know,
aesthetic in my shower. Then I got a bunch of
these gray plastic bins because I need them for my bathroom stuff. And that was pretty much
all I got from Target. Moving on to HomeGoods, I
got two of these bamboo, I think it’s bamboo. Yeah, bamboo utensil tray
to go in my kitchen drawer; so like the bigger one
for spatulas and stuff. And this one is more for
my forks, spoons, knives, whatever else on the sides. This is the one I had. I mean it’s functional, it does it’s job. It’s just, ya know, it
doesn’t match my aesthetic. Oh, this one fits perfectly! Yes! I love this and it just looks like it was like you know, made for this drawer. Like it looks fancy, like it was built-in. Yes, this is so satisfying to me. Am I the only one that finds
this type of stuff satisfying? Then I got this cute little soap dispenser for Ziya’s bathroom. Gold and blush pink, with
like this little swirly, glass design. So I thought it would pair nicely with her new shower curtain. Then I got these two crystal
diamond irridescent bookends. These were $14.99 each, but
they’re like really hefty. Like this is like solid, glass. So these are like really
nice, really really pretty and I plan on using these in my glam room. You guys will see in a future video when I actually decorate my glam room. So the same that you
would like stack up books, I would put my makeup
palettes between these. Get it, ’cause it’s like the glam room ’cause it’s like sparkling? You know? Next I just got some Torani
vanilla, french vanilla syrup. This is what I use to sweeten my coffee. And they always have it at
HomeGoods for a good price. And then I got this really nice giant, glass jar of hand soap
and it smells really good. And I just thought this was
like a very pretty bottle. I think I subconsciously
wanted to buy this because of Desi Perkins’
kitchen tour that she did. She mentioned how she likes
to get nice glass bottles of soap from HomeGoods and
it might have even been this same exact one, I’m not sure. But, I feel like this
will just look really nice in my kitchen, and it’s a lot of soap and it smells really good. And it was $7.99 so I
thought that was a good buy. And then I got these
kitchen towels, solid black and then white with black stripes. These were $6.99 for
four towels, so not bad and they feel pretty high quality. And the last thing I got from HomeGoods is the mail sorter
thingie mo bobbie basket, basket on a piece of wood, three baskets on a piece of wood. Whatever you wanna call this. It has a space where you can put labels, like if I wanna use it for like mail, important papers, Ziya’s stuff, whatever. This was only 20 bucks, so I bought that to put in the mail room. If you guys follow me on Instagram, I posted it on my story the other day that I wanted to challenge
my mom and my little sister to decorate the mail room
assistant office place. So I’m kind of like cheating
by already buying this for that room but ya
know, it doesn’t matter. They can get all the rest of the stuff. And yeah, that’s my whole haul for today. – Butterfly! – [Raven] Butterfly, uh oh. I think he’s dead, poor little thing. It’s pretty though. (child talking) (upbeat music) Sit down. Hold on with your hands,
hold onto the chain. – Now push me! – [Raven] Ready, one, two, three! (child cheering) (upbeat music) – My foot! I don’t know what’s wrong with my toe, but it literally hurts
so bad so I wrapped it up and it feels better actually. I can walk on it a little better. Ready? (child yelling) I see you! – I see ya! (child laughing) Alright guys, I’m gonna go
ahead and end this vlog here. We’re just having some a
little playground time, ya know living that
suburban life, ya know. Like, just taking my
kid to the playground, to ya know, get her
energy out before bedtime. Gonna cook a nice casserole
for dinner. (laughs) But yeah that’s it for this vlog. I hope you enjoyed the shop
with me and little haul. Let me know if you like
this type of video. Subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll be doing a lot more
shopping, decorating. I know this video was kind of like basic, like the stuff I got was really basic but I will be buying furniture
and actual decor and stuff in my other videos. Anyways, like this video if you liked it, subscribe if you haven’t already. Stay tuned for more house stuff to come and I’ll see guys in my next one. Bye! Say bye Ziya!
– [Ziya] Bye!

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