Home Decorating Basics : How to Design a Contemporary Living Room

Home Decorating Basics : How to Design a Contemporary Living Room

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to show
you how to design an contemporary living room. This is a small living room and I already
have a little bit of the bones kind of starting out quasi-contemporary with the Rusirite chairs
which are contemporary and a few other pieces. I’m eclectic so I really like having, if you
are going to have a contemporary room maybe throwing in one or two things that may be
aren’t totally 100% contemporary just to kind of add a little bit of energy and add a little
bit of surprise but what I’m going to do is how you how I would make this room more contemporary
very quickly. Contemporary look is more very minimal. A lot of times you take, you don’t
have a lot of things so like in this situation I’m going to take this bowl down and I’m going
to move my lamp over and I’m going to take all these little small pieces away. On this table I’m going to take the small
accessories away. Now I might add to it at some point but what I’m going to do is just
create a real create a straight line and create just a minimal very clean very plain look.
With the coffee table is really fine if for 100% contemporary person, you just take away
or add to to what your taste is. The chest would not be necessarily contemporary so you
could take away or you can really just leave them just for a little added surprise, just
have them just stark where you can see the wood. I would take away all the added pillows.
Over here I have two frames that are more have an architectural feel to them and a tray.
You could, I would probably keep this table because I really don’t like tables that have
the exact amount of things on each one of them. This one is very minimal. This one has
a little bit more but I would keep it like that just to add to it. This is Ann Myrick
and that is how to design a contemporary living room.

13 thoughts on “Home Decorating Basics : How to Design a Contemporary Living Room

  1. i love this room. it captured me and made me want to go inside. i love your taste along with the peacefulness and simplicity of the space…good job!

  2. This woman's tastes are depressing. Her spaces are places to live out your final, elderly days…. good god.

  3. I love decorating, love eclectic, respect different styles, but… really? Why on earth the extra table & lamp on the right in such a small space for starters? I even love flea market/ garage sale look, but this seems like what's left over from castoffs for someone down & oout in the family.

  4. Contemporary!!! This lady has no taste for decorating on her videos. chess of drawer in the living room & all that different tacky stuff on the wall over the sofa. For small spaces, you use less my dear, dump the big yellowish colored chest and replace with a floor plant. throw all the tacky stuff over the sofa away and replace with a large mirror to make the room look much larger. Give those 2 husky chairs to Goodwill & replace with either 2 smaller arm-less chairs or one medium chair.

  5. Poor job of posting videos – the first two I started watching ended after 20 seconds, and the "chest" she mentions in this one is out of the view of the camera. She even sounds dull! I have more imagination than that. No plants, no "life". Borinnnnnnnng!

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