Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Cottage Style

Home Decorating Basics : How to Recognize Cottage Style

Hi I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to help
you learn how to recognize cottage style. The cottage style is very relaxed, it’s like
bringing the garden, bringing the outside in. So and I will tell you right off the bat
this room is not necessarily all cottage style. We are just going to talk about it as far
as the elements of the style would be using wovens. You have wicker outside and bringing
in wicker or wovens inside using very pastel, floral fabrics. Mixing fabrics like checks
with stripes with floral. It’s a very soft look. Using blues and greens and a lot of
the colors outside bringing those in. Just different things that you can do and just
creating it a little bit more cottage would be. This is just a yellow duvet cover that
I have on the bed and if I wanted just to take this little throw and add just a little
bit more color to it. It’s a great, this is bark cloth and so it’s a great vintage piece.
You know it might be a little torn, have a hole but to me that even makes it better.
It makes it have more character. So you can just really change your bed just by adding
that and a little bit more color. These are great little metal baskets, they’re rusted
and I have stationary and different things in them and you can bring it in and just use
that and it’s really a planter but you can use it to hold things. Mccoy is great because
you can use them, you can put candles in them, you can put flowers in them. You can just
use them for makeup brushes. So it’s again bringing the outside in and having great flower
pots and using those. Using woven pillows, using great baskets so have fun. I love to
go outside and look to see what I have in a concrete piece or rusted piece and bring
it in because that just brings in texture and just, just a real fun look. This is Ann
Myrick and that’s how to recognize cottage style.

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  1. Cottage style is simple and soft. Its an excellent style for those that believe in simplicity living.

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