Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Living Room Colors

Home Decorating Ideas : How to Choose Living Room Colors

Hi, I’m Ann Myrick and today I’m going to
show you, with a friend, how to choose living room colors. This room is one of those don’t
do. I had just, this is a room that was just painted before I moved into this area and
the color is a real fleshy color, and I always, I’m a decorator, and I work with clients all
the time with picking out paints, and I always try to stay them away, steer them away from
kind of a peachy color or a fleshy color just because it tends to look dingy and dirty and
then it looks like flesh on the walls. And so, this color is a, don’t do this color,
and it will be covered in a putty color, an off-white color, a neutral color, but I’m
going to stay away from the flesh color. In picking out the colors; things you need to
think about are in your living room do you have windows, is there a lot of light or a
little bit of light. If there’s a little bit of light, then you want to be careful about
getting too dark of a room. As far as are you furnishing, are your furnishings in that
room formal? Are they casual. Do you already have the furnishings for that room. If you
do, then you need to work with those furnishings as far as what to pick out. Things that you
would not want to do is; this room has carpet in it, so I’m going to want a really good
contrast between my carpeting, which is a neutral and my wall. I could pick out a color.
I could pick out a neutral color, but you just want to be sure that there’s a good contrast
between the floor color and the wall color where it doesn’t look like you tried to match
everything. Same thing with hardwood floors. If you have a lot of dark wood, then you want
to be careful about what your walls are going to be. You want to bring in a color, but you
want to be careful that it’s not a color that’s similar to your floor color. Energetic colors
would be reds, yellows. Calm colors would be great greens and blues, and so, you just
want to decide what type of mood. What type of feel you want to communicate. This is Ann
Myrick, and that is how to pick out colors or color scheme for your living room.

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  1. she seems like a nice lady how can realy help u out with designing yet smart in her designing and not just that she give out alot of information in this small timeless video.

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