Home Decorating Tips – Mint Green

Home Decorating Tips – Mint Green

So like a lot of color trends, mint got its
start in fashion and now it’s making its way into the home and we’re seeing it being used
so many different ways on walls and accessories and throw pillows. It’s a color that we really
like because it’s fun, it’s fresh and it can just be used in a lot of different ways. The
ones that tend to be more gray and blue work well on walls and on bigger pieces of furniture
because they’re not as out there and overwhelming. The mint green colors that tend to be a little
bit more yellow and a little bit more saturated, those work well as accent pieces, small pieces
of painted furniture, accessories, maybe a throw pillow or two because you’re concentrating
that really saturated color into a small sphere of your room. Mint green doesn’t work as well
with chocolate brown because you end up getting this kind of Peppermint Patty look that just
doesn’t work well. Add 1 or 2 pieces and you’re on trend.

One thought on “Home Decorating Tips – Mint Green

  1. If you mix chocolate brown and mint you get an unflattering color combination that looks like a peppermint patty. Says the host of this video who has chocolate brown hair and is wearing a mint top. Looks pretty to me. Doesn't look like a peppermint patty at all.

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