HOME GOODS !FURNITURE SHOPPING ( shop with me home goods merchandise

HOME GOODS !FURNITURE SHOPPING ( shop with me home goods merchandise

Jenny guys meesa story
okay shopping up a now laughing computer table all goods goods guys to shop come
in now computer table Marin coming mommy get them cheaper than I thought
so ok guys see you in a while Besame I know to be stocked likely to pee in a
peanut Mahalo you pictured Ito some picture bit away $500 some good –
homegirls be – guys I am in a home goods column Makena no maki lying bastard jealous of
you oh my god guys Depot commits a whole
woods but you’re shopping coming a misspelling be okay with me fix this
new pitch and I gotta fuckin afternoon bad knee pain is my vanity here my manager Mitch $36 Joseph us kingdom very truthful economical different thing
needs to serve a diverse mix an atonement it will not happen I know mad engine range wishing for a new computer position
computer table I am going to okay fish 302 arson we do need
look I’m sure okay the lemon back on hand to my head up man
up computer 79 because when I rip open the pebble
Samara no say open late economists are asleep enough people then dozen computers do the fun I take the hand of Iceland
the first inning okay with the stock
so you confirming ha before and the person off-duty personnel no no carnelian hearts be built Ian yeah hi guys
the talika mr. car when I come in the Billy do you think an early company
balanced or

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  1. I hope makapunta ako sa Bansa na yan, I love to travel po Kasi And tingin ng mga furnitures..

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