Home Improvement & Maintenance : Installing Clothes Dryers

Home Improvement & Maintenance : Installing Clothes Dryers

Hello, this is Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom
Home Visions and today we’re going to teach you guys how to install your clothes dryer.
Now, very simple things you’re going to need, just for this process is just a simple pair
of pliers, and all you’re going to need it is to shrink the compression washers around
the exhaust bin. Okay. So, very easily what we’re going to do first is go ahead and attach
our vent to our actual clothes dryer first, make sure he’s nice and snug, first thing
is just slip over, leave about an inch or two of exhaust loose in there. Go ahead and
install it first, then use your compression ring, get it closer to the edge, and make
sure it’s stationery. Once you got that taken care of, go ahead and slide your dryer closer
to where you’re going to install, at least where you can dryer bin can reach, and then
do the same process the same way we installed the vent to the dryer we’re going to install
the vent to the exhaust bin in the wall. Once you got that taken care of, go ahead and plug
your dryer to your connection properly, jump out of there, and then you can scoot your
dryer back into place, and you’re ready to start drying clothes. And that’s how you hook
up your clothes dryer.

7 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Maintenance : Installing Clothes Dryers

  1. I agree with you. I had trouble connecting my dryer vent hose the first time, but then this video gave me a great demonstration on how to install it 🙂

    And, it doesn't matter about his shirt I sometimes wear my shirt like that too!

  2. @FelixTheHouseFreak i know , i had my shirt half unbuttoned , while installing a clothes dryer and i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt install properly, then a friend of mine that went to a/c school told me to try to button my shirt all the way to my neck, and only then did i get my dryer installed properly ,, fucking idiot

  3. The point of my comment is that people should try to appear more formal. This channel is already unprofessional as it is. You missed the point by a long shot.

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