Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about the costs to remodel a bathroom. Now depending on the size of your bathroom
and the extensiveness of your remodel will depend on really what the cost is going to
be. Just to give you some ideas on a typical 5′ X 8′ bathroom a medium type renovation
and this would be utilizing designers, and contractors, and such can run in the $10 to
$15,000 range and all the way up to a really high end bathroom could be $35 to maybe $40,000.
Now those are some big numbers but even on a basic do it yourself bathroom you can achieve
some really good results as far as changing out cabinetry and fixtures and still keeping
it around the $1,500 to $3,000 range so depending on the scope of your renovation is really
going to depend on the amount of budget dollars that you spend. Now this particular bathroom
that has been redone right here actually was redone for just a few hundred dollars and
the renovation included repainting the walls, changing out the big Hollywood light fixture
and mirror with individual mirrors and with individual light fixtures and that is a basic
remodel that can add a lot of new light to your bathroom and a nice look but with only
spending several hundred dollars. Now if we get into changing countertops, typically your
countertops will run for a granite or a Quartz type of solid surface you can plan on spending
anywhere from about $40 per square foot up to as high as $120 per square foot depending
on what type of material that you go with. A good median range to look at is about $60
per square foot so in this case this should be approximately about 10 square feet and
you would be looking at about $600 just to replace your countertop in here alone. There
is a wide range of investment that you make in remodeling your bathroom just keep in mind
if you do it yourself you can recoup that investment at about 80 to 90% just by doing
it yourself but even if you use a contractor and spend some of the larger dollars that
I talked about in this last segment you can still expect to recoup about 30 to 40% of
your investment. So I’m Tim Gipson about the cost of renovating your bathroom.

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