Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : Drywall Sanding Tips

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : Drywall Sanding Tips

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson, I’m going to talk to you
about some drywall sanding tips. Now in this particular case we’re working in the bathroom
where we have removed a mirror that was stuck on with adhesive. So there were several areas
that we had to skim out on the wall, so now that this has dried, we’re ready to sand this
to get a smooth surface. And there’s a couple of things that we can do. The first thing
is what we call a screen sander, and or a pole sander it might be called. And what it
is it’s a mesh type of fabric that’s over a large padded surface and attached to a pole,
and what this does as you work it around it’ll provide a nice smooth finish. Now when we’re
using these, you can move – use a back and forth motion to knock down some of the larger
areas and when you’re using it you want to be careful about going in the direction either
vertical or horizontal because in this mesh it’s a criss cross pattern, so if you go in
the direction in a horizontal or a vertical direction of this, you can get some grooves
that develop. So the better motion with the screen sanders is to go at an angle or better
yet use a circular type of motion and you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on these
when you’re using these ’cause you want to work it around, just where you’re knocking
off any ridges that are on here. Now, another sanding device that you can use is one like
this. Now this particular one has an attachment on the end of it here that allows you to attach
it to a vacuum cleaner. So if you’re working a small job and you want to put this on a
vacuum cleaner this just uses a standard grit sandpaper but it has some channels all the
way around here. So as you’re doing a smaller area, particularly if you’re working on an
area where you know you’re a little more concerned about getting a lot of the drywall dust around,
then you can use this and it will put a lot of that drywall dust out. Now, the most important
thing you want to do is also make sure you have a respirator or a mask, dust mask that
you’re using when you are doing a project like this. You don’t want to be breathing
in a lot of the dust that’s created from this drywall sanding. So I’m Tim Gipson and that’s
some tips on how to sand drywall.

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  1. I live in an older house and have noticed that there's a bow in the wall (gyproc) in the kitchen. I'd like to put a ceramic backsplash in that area but the bow in the wall would be right in the middle of ceramic backsplash. How can I fix this problem and so that I can install the backsplash. Thanks.

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