Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Buy a Pressure Washer

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Buy a Pressure Washer

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to buy a pressure washer. Now when you are looking to invest on a pressure
washer it really depends on what type of jobs that you are typically going to do and how
we classify that is from light occasional jobs to medium size all the way up to heavy
duty jobs and to give you some examples if a light duty job would be if you have minimal
amount of vinyl siding or trim on your house just spraying off doors something that you
do just occasionally and maybe just kind of small areas around the house as far as your
aggregate or your entry ways something you can just do occasionally. Some medium sized
jobs would be spraying a complete driveway down in preparation for sealing it, doing
large fences, spraying those down so depending on what type of use you are going to get out
of your pressure washer will determine what type. There are two types that when you go
to the store and look. There is an electric type such as this small one here and they
are typically rated anywhere from about 1,500 to 1,800 PSI so that is pounds per square
inch, that is the amount of pressure they’ll put out and they’ll have two kind of one’s.
They’ll have a turbo one which uses a very tight pattern but it just files you around
and allows you to clean and it also has a variable wand on it that will allow you to
adjust it to spray from a soap all the way up to a higher pressure fan spray. It does
run a lot on electricity and typically it will have some kind of a detergent tank built
in to them. If you are using a lot of or have a lot of larger jobs that you are doing then
a gas powered would be the next step up and this particular one actually goes up to 2550
PSI so it means you have a lot more pressure and it is going to give you a lot better cleaning
ability. It is going to be much faster than the electric sprayer. This is something you
are going to want to use on your larger applications such as a driveway or if you have got an entire
house that you want to spray down. It will come with various wands, this particular one
it has a soaping wand, it has a 15 degree, a 40 degree and 0 degree. A 0 degree and the
number of tips and the type of tips that you get again really depends on the type of job
that you are going to do. So again as far as when you are looking at investing in a
pressure washer if you just do occasional light jobs then the electrical one is going
to be fine for most of your applications. If you get into this medium duty or occasionally
some heavy or larger jobs then investing in a gas powered one would be your better choice.
I’m Tim Gipson and that is how to buy a pressure washer.

8 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Buy a Pressure Washer

  1. Tim Gibson, I have to say that you are truly uniformed about electric pressure washers. An industrial grade electric pressure washer which uses an AC induction motor instead of those crap-tastic universal motors have the same or more power than the gas models. The main problems are they cost more and require a 240 volt dedicated circuit and thus you will not normally see them at your local hardware store since they know people will not be willing to go through all the hassle with electric.

  2. @EETechs True. I have a 120 volt 20 amp unit that is for industrial use and it works great. Just had to run 10 awg wire and put a 20 amp breaker in the fuse box. Would never bother with the regular store bought units anymore, bought 3 of them and every single one broke.

  3. I have a Task Force 1600psi, I hooked it up but when I plugged it up the power was on before water was in it, now it wont come on…….Any tips????

  4. me gostaria saber como almar el piston parte negra de a lante tenho una y no se donde vá el esprin grueso.

  5. Easy to use and works like a charm!>>>t.co/gLDH9AuuD3   I love the colored nozzle spray attachments and the color of the unit itself. The tray to hold the sprayer when storing is nice. It was very easy to assemble. No gas needed!!!! I haven't tried detergent with it yet. Easily removed black stains from our sidewalk and the old gray fence looks like brand new wood.I paid a little extra for the hose reel and I'm glad I did. The product works well and it's easy to use and easy to put away after use. Sure made my sidewalks, driveway, and patio look better.

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