Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Drill a Hole in Bathroom Tile

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Drill a Hole in Bathroom Tile

Hey, hi, I’m Tim Gipson, I’m going to show
you how to drill a hole in bathroom tile. Now some things we’ll need is you’re going
to need a wood block with a hole drilled through it using a standard drill bit, that’s a little
bit larger than the hole that you’re going to be drilling in your tile. And we will need
a marker to mark the hole where we’re going to need it,and to actually drill the hole
we’re going to use a masonry bit. And then the other thing you want to have is you want
to have a little bit of water. When we’re drilling holes in tile, you have to take some
precautions because it’s very difficult to do without cracking or splintering the tile.
And – so we want to take our time doing this and we want to be careful and make sure that
we don’t want to build up a lot of heat because it’s the heat generated that will crack or
chip your tile. So the marker, permanent marker is useful ’cause it allows us to spot our
point. Now, once we’ve got our point where we’re going to drill, what we’re going to
do is just use a spray bottle and we’re going to spray a little bit of water on the area.
And the water is – will help keep the drill bit cool. And then what we’re going to do
is we’re going to put our masonry bit through the board and then we’re going to spot it
on the point and then we’ll hold down and put some pressure on the wood. So the wood
allows you a little bit of clearance but it’s pressing down the tiles so it helps it to
keep from splintering or cracking. And then we want to start very slowly until our hole
is started and then go a little bit faster. Now when you’re drilling tile, the hardest
part is getting through the finish, and you kind of peek and take a look and make sure
you’re on your mark and get going, but the hardest part is getting through the finish.
That said and that’s something you’re going to have to be really patient with and you’re
just going to have to work, and using a very sharp masonry bit is going to be the best
thing to do. But again, once you break through the surface of a ceramic tile, the rest of
it goes pretty easy from that point. And again, the wood block will keep it from chipping
or limit from cracking. The most important thing is make sure that occasionally you stop
and spray your bit with water, keep it cool, you want to reduce as much heat as you can
’cause it’s the heat that is going to cause the tile to crack. So I’m Tim Gipson and that’s
how to drill a hole in tile.

4 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Drill a Hole in Bathroom Tile

  1. that sounds better because if you watch at the end it shows his first take. cracked tile. That's whati'm trying to avoid

  2. He broke the first tile. Its not in the same row/column at the end as it is at the start. You can even see the broken one too.

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