Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Fix Garage-Door Tension

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Fix Garage-Door Tension

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to fix garage door tension. Now when we have a garage door opener installed
the first thing we want to do is there is a red disconnect on our door and we want to
pull that down and it will disengage from the garage door itself. Now from that point
what we want to do first is we want to check and see if our tension is correct so we do
that by lifting the garage door and by hand it should be fairly easy to adjust and then
when you get it up half way it should stay up. So in this case the door does not stay
up half way so we know our tension is not tight enough on this door. So what we need
to do is we need to put the door in its full upright position and this takes all the tension
off the springs and before you do anything the most important thing you want to do is
you want to make sure that you clamp a block and block out this roller and just a piece
of wood like this that will fit inside the track and a clamp such as this we can put
that in and now that garage door is not going to move I am going to remove this real quick
so that we can take a look, we’ll actually lower the garage door and take a look at where
we have got to make the adjustments.
Now in this case this garage door has the tension springs on this long arm here. You’ll
see that we have this pulley here and it has the sets screws so with the door in the upright
tension released what we will do is simply we are going to release the tension, release
the set screws where we can rotate and tighten the tension spray to give it more tension
and it will take about a half a turn to a turn, reset your screws and you want to do
it equally on both sides of your doors. So once you do that do it incrementally, half
a turn, full turn at the most and then come back and recheck the door by making sure it
is half way up and seeing if it holds in place. Once your door holds in place when it is half
way up then you know you have the correct tension on your garage door. So I’m Tim Gipson
and that’s how to fix the tension on your garage door.

19 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Fix Garage-Door Tension

  1. how do you expect people to learn n e thing on a video like this im a garage door tech and only thing that that explained is how to get people hurt and we have to go out and fix their screw ups

  2. This obviously is a very misleading video. i will add one more language to spread the word.
    这个片段解释了原理,但无法安全操作,所以请勿模仿。 NO! 绝不!

  3. I've been installing and servicing overhead doors for a long time now.
    This guy is a fool.
    I'd love to see this method performed on a door 16ft tall with 6 inch diameter torsion springs on it.

  4. Tim ! please re-due this demo and make a follow up of how to add a half turn on those torsion springs. Noticed at marker 151 you almost put your fingers in the never never zone, especially while closing a dropping door, OUCH!

  5. I am amazed this dude has all of his fingers… I am a door tech and this is NOT repeat NOT the way to do this..Consult a professional..or a physician. lol

  6. this will injure people! This is so dangerous! Rather call a professional to do this. I am a garage door technician too and this is sort of thing is what gets people seriousy hurt!

  7. I used a modified version of this method. I did everything he said except adjusted the pulleys rather than the spring bar. If you push your door up high enough, you'll get some slack in your pulley cable. Scotch the door there while pushing up on it. Then you pull the slack out by winding the pulley until the cable is tight again. That way, you tighten the cable where you scotched it. Then you reset the pulley screws. You have to do one side at a time. Not dangerous bc spring not involved.

  8. Any time you are going to adjust something under tension just call a professional. The way this is explained is probably not the best way, although I am sure it works for him. I highly recommend against it and would never train my technicians to do tension adjustments in this manner.Be Careful. Garage doors can cause Serious injury and even death.

  9. What an idiot. Of course they didn't show him actually DOING it. Wow. Listening to him is a great way to get yourself hurt or killed.

  10. people need to understand that some things should be done by professionals (like me) not because we want to make money off you but for your safety and your family's!!!

  11. Sorry but the method this guy is describing is not only dangerous but also will create many more problem. I have been in this trade many years and trust me, many customers have ended in hospital by playing around with the tension. Best advise is call your local serviceman.

  12. Could you please state at the start of your video "I don't actually show you how to do this, I just yack about it, so save your three minutes and go watch someone else's video."

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