Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Fix Leaking Pipes

Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Fix Leaking Pipes

Hi I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to fix leaky pipes. Now some tools that you are going to need for this
are a pipe wrench, some channel locks and perhaps a screwdriver depending on the type
of leak that you have so the first thing that we want to do in repairing a leak is we want
to try to isolate it and determine where it is so in this case as we look at this kitchen
sink we’ve got the drain lines and then we have got the supply lines so if you check
all your supply lines you want to go from the valve to where it turns on and you want
to follow those lines up into the faucet and one thing you can do is if you can’t see anything
visible sometimes it is easier to feel that so you can take a paper towel such as this
and you start at the lines down and then you want to run up and check it periodically and
if you see it becomes damp then that is an indication that that is where your leak is.
Now if the leak is on the supply lines then you can use the channel locks and just simply
go on to the fitting and you want to tighten it clockwise to tighten that up. To determine
if it is in the drain lines then you look at all the drains, now again your drain lines
are PVC so these typically you will not use any type of a wrench on these. These are hand
tight. You want to be careful about over tightening these because they can crack very easily and
then you have to replace those. One thing that you can do is on the fittings on the
drain if it is leaking you can loosen it up and there is usually a seal ring in there
and you can check that just to make sure it is not damaged and a lot of times if you just
simply reseat that it will take care of those problems so when you look at fixing leaks
you want to determine whether it is on your supply lines or whether it is on your drain
lines and you want to isolate where that leak is and then simply tighten up the fixtures
to fix that leak so I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how to repair leaky pipes.

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  1. Hey Tim, Would'nt it make more sence to check with the paper towel from the top down instead from the bottom up because water goes down and if the leak is high the bottom will of course already be wet.

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