Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips : How to Hang Curtains

Hi, I’m Tim Gipson and I’m going to talk to
you about how to hand curtains. Now the first thing we want to do is we want to determine
how high our brackets that support our curtains need to be. In this particular case where
we’ve got grommeted curtains that are going to be going on a wood rod. So when you determine
what type of curtain rod that you have that’s hanging your curtains, you need to determine
that location. When we get ready to drill in to the wall to attach our brackets, you
may or may not hit a stud. So what I recommend is taking your drill and put a smaller drill
bit in and when you mark your hole and place your hole, use a small drill bit, say about
an eighth of an inch drill bit and drill your hole to where that mount bracket is. And if
you feel if you feel it going in to a stud then you’re ready to use your screw. Now if
you drill through and you get through about a half an inch and you just don’t feel anything
behind that then what you’re going to have to do is your going to put in wall anchors.
And in this case this is a wall anchor that takes a quarter inch drill bit and so we drill
that in to replace the wall anchor in the hole and then we hammer it in to place and
we have a good secure place. So in this case when I use a small drill bit in here I was
able to hit a stud. So in this case we put our screw in and these brackets are designed
with a slit bracket on the inside. So we locate that first one and then we put our bracket
in place and now what we want to do is you know, we want to take our pencil and we want
to mark in here where that next hole is on the bracket, and then we drill this hole.
So once we have that in place, then you secure your bracket. O.k., now our bracket is securely in place
and then all we need to do is we need to thread our curtains on to our rod, put the rod ends
on and it rests in the bracket such as this. Now the brackets come with an extra screw
here so now what you can do is once you’ve got your curtains hung, you can check and
you want these curtains to hang evenly just off the floor. And you can use these adjusting
screws to either raise or lower that rod as you need to, to get your final height of the
curtains. I’m Tim Gipson and that’s how to hang curtains.

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