Home Improvement – Painting Tip

Hi everybody! Holly and Jerry with the
Henbest Team here. And today we have an awesome painting tip for you. Are you
pondering painting your home a new color? Trying to decide which color? Instead of
holding up paint chips to your wall or painting samples on your wall.
We recommend painting samples on large pieces of sheetrock. You can typically pick up sheetrock remnants at Home Depot or your local hardware store for
free. Paint them with your top two to three paint choices, let them dry and
then start evaluating. The large pieces of drywall allow you to see how the
paint looks on drywall so it will have the same sheen as your walls. You can
also see how it looks while standing back and looking at it. And see how it
looks during different times of day with different light and in various rooms.
So no more checkerboard samples painted on your walls or holding up little paint
sticks. We learned this great tip from our home stager extraordinaire Rebecca
and we just love it! We hope this tip is helpful. And if you
have any great tips to share with us please let us know!

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