Home Improvement Products Manufacturer Masco Knows: ‘No Plane No Gain’

The kitchen and bath show
is probably the biggest show that Masco deals with.
And so we use all of our planes. But a lot of times we do go
to smaller airports where there is no commercial service. Our mission is to preserve time
and to create opportunity. And there are certain trips, and
certain meetings, and certain things that our folks cannot do
without these airplanes. And that’s what we sell
is time. That is the only thing
that we cannot buy more of. We can’t bottle it up. Boyd: We also go to a new company in Cleveland. They are a company that we
just acquired this year. We had to go visit several
of their operations. We really try to encourage
at least three people on the plane to make it more cost efective. Even our divisions are able
to look at our schedule and they can see if an aircraft
might be available. And they can see if there’s
any seats open or where it’s going. No Plane, No Gain!

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