Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Fix a Defective Door Latch

If your door won’t close properly, it won’t
click shut then, the problem is that this is not catching the strike plate, which is
the opening that it’s supposed to click into. So if you can, if at all possible, you
need to see whether the problem is an alignment- is the alignment of this vertically or horizontally.
And the first thing you want to do is to see if it’s vertically- to see if this is in
the right position and the best way to do that- the best trick- is to actually, if you
don’t have much of a gap to be able to see where it’s hitting is to place a piece of
tape even with the bottom and with the top of the opening, so you can see where the opening
is form the outside here.

And then watch as this goes in. and it looks like its ok-
in fact, it is. It’s between these two pieces of tape, so in that case, the problem is that
it’s set too far out or two far in. I’ll show you how to fix that.

So we know that
the strike plate needs to move either this way or that way. In this case, I’ve already
determined that it needs to move out a little bit. So what you’ll need to do is remove
it, which is just a couple of screws holding it in place. So that you can mortis out the
hole a little further out. And that simply means taking your chisel and simply enlarging
the hole
and so forth all the way on this edge, or whichever edge you need to move it toward.

And then, it’s very easy if you have a good chisel to just take out the excess
material and so forth. And then you would put the strike plate back in place a little
further forward. You may need to drill new holes, pilot holes for the screws, but that
will take care of your problem.

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