Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Install or Repair a Towel Rack

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Install or Repair a Towel Rack

If you have a towel rod that’s falling off
the wall and won’t stay on, it’s very easy to fix. First you need to remove it so
you can actually get to the support mechanism in the back. On my particular model, it has
what we call a set screw, which will, when you loosen it, will release the holder from
the mount. If you don’t have a set screw, then more than likely, yours simply lifts
off of the bracket similar to this on the back.

What is probably the problem is
that your holder is mounted into dry wall anchors which have come loose. They do that.
So what you want to do is take it off, and you’re going to need to, instead of using
dry wall anchors, you’re going to want to mount it with what we call a molly bolt. And
this is very simple to use. You simply put the bolt through there and then thread on
this butterfly anchor which collapses to go through the hole and then expands on the other

Now, the hole that this butterfly will need to go through is probably larger
than the hole that your anchor left behind. So you’ll need to drill a larger hole to
accommodate it. and don’t worry, it will be hidden once you put the mount back in place.
So once you’ve drilled a larger hole, and I’m just going to do one of these, but you
would want to do both, then you would collapse the butterfly anchor, push it through the
hole all the way to allow it to pop out and grab the back of the dry wall. And then it’s
simply a matter of holding this forward and then tightening. You’ll feel it tighten
and pull up against the back of the sheet rock. And then just everything in reverse.
And then it’ll be fixed.

12 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Install or Repair a Towel Rack

  1. I watched your video and went out and bought a pack of "Pop-Toggle" anchors made by Hillman. I had a hard time deciding which kind of anchor to get because I had already decided that it had to be an anchor with a pop out backing and there were three that are very similar. It worked like a charm. Answer to an earlier question about how to remove the existing anchor – cut it off with a razor blade-like cutting tool. Basically anything that will allow you to get right up flush with the wall.

  2. Awesome! I have been trying to get my towel rack fixed for literally months (years). I did it myself with your help. Thanks.

  3. Another possibility is the mount is bent.  I took off the mount straightened it and put is back on and no more towel rod falling in the floor.

  4. I have a porcelain towel holder. How can I install it in the dry wall? What kind of cement or adhesive should I use?

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