Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Repair a Sprinkler System

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Repair a Sprinkler System

You may have an irrigation system which is
essential to keeping your lawn and your beds healthy. But it’s also important to keep
it maintained. Now, I’m going to show you the anatomy of a sprinkler head so you can
diagnose and fix whatever is the problem.

If a head is broken off, not only is there
going to be a tremendous waste of water from it all gushing off at one place and doing
little good for everything else, but the rest of the heads aren’t going to work properly
because there’s not enough pressure built up in the system for all of the heads to pop
up and spray. Well here’s how it works. The heads are all buried up to, usually, to
about here in the ground. So all of this is subterranean, all you ever see is this here
up at the top.

When the pressure builds up sufficiently in the line from the irrigation
system, these heads pop up and start spraying. Well, normally, the problem with your sprinkler
when it’s not working properly is one of these heads have come off. So what you’re
going to need to do is identify which one obviously. You may have to dig out a little
bit of the turf around it and then simply twist the top off this, which will then release
the internal components which will allow you to expose this. And then all you will do is
simply twist off- well if it’s missing it won’t be there. But you’ll simply go to
the home store and buy another head with the right spray configuration you want. Some are
just a full 360, some are 180 degrees, some are just a quarter turn- there’s every conceivable
configuration available. But you’ll come back to the house and screw this back into
place, and simply drop this back into the tube and screw this on.

Now, a lot of
times what will happen is if this is not sticking out of the ground very much at all, someone
might’ve stepped on it and might’ve caused what is called a pipe nickel to break, and
in that case you will have to do more excavating of the soil around it so you can get to the
bottom of this. This also screws out which you can then unscrew this out and then go
get another one of these. These are all very inexpensive components. But what is expensive
is the water that’s wasted. So it’s that simple. Don’t be afraid.

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  1. a person is giving some info that some people do not know.. and I find others feel jealous about it and start insulting him..
    if you know better.. get your camera out and record some videos of what you think you are an expert with.. let us see you do better.

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