Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Stop Air Conditioner Condensation Drip

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Stop Air Conditioner Condensation Drip

You may notice sometime that water is dripping
out of a tube in a place that it’s never dripped before, and it’s a pretty annoying
thing and it may be getting your porch or door wet. Well, there’s a reason for that.
It’s called the backup condensation line – backup condensation drip line. And when
water is dripping from this tube in a very conspicuous place, it’s your alert to unclog
the primary drip line.

If your system is functioning properly, the condensation
that’s building up on the condenser, which is 99% of the time in your attic, is coming
out of the tube where it’s supposed to, which is a fairly inconspicuous place, normally
it’s by the compressor outdoors. This is necessary because the water, the condensation
building up in the unit, needs to go somewhere – otherwise it will damage your house. So
when this backs up, it clogs up with algae, which is very common. Then the water starts
to get diverted into a drip pan in the attic, and that’s what the other condensation line
is letting you know – is that the water is then building up in that. So what you need
to do is clean out this line, and I’ll show you where to do that.

So what you’ll
need to do is brave your attic. Come up here and see what’s going on. If your system’s
designed properly, this is the primary condensation line- the one that you need to clear out.
And if it’s designed properly, there will be a clean out hole where you can open this
up, expose this, and run some warm water with bleach into the hole, which will eat up the
algae and free up the line. If it’s so far gone that it’s really stubborn, you’re
going to need a snake and run it down as far as you can, and that will probably alleviate
your problem. But otherwise, if this is clogged then the water is coming out into this pan,
in which your condenser sits. And then it’s draining out of the back up line. And if this
ever were to overflow, you’re going to have water seeping through your ceiling, and you’re
going to have thousands and thousands of dollars of damage on your hands. So it’s very important
to take care of this as soon as possible.

21 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair on Video : How to Stop Air Conditioner Condensation Drip

  1. Yet again all wrong. Thats the evaporator coil numbskull and the outdoor unit is the condensor not the compressor. yes the compressor lives outside but thats not what its called. And DONT pour bleach in the condensate drain! If it flows back to the evap coil it will corrode the aluminium and copper that the coil is made of. Instead get a gallo gun, or sum nitrogen and blow it through. Why your up there check the filter too. Change if needed.

  2. dont be so stupid!!!! he catches his own food,
    by the way good video im just trying to adapt it to my car a/c leak

  3. HEY EXPERTVILLAGE! when are you going to do a video with an expert in it? The condenser is outside the building, it's called this because it is where heat is rejected from the refrigerant, CONDENSING it back into a liguid. The section inside the attic is called the EVAPORATOR, it's where the refrigerant EVAPORATES, absorbing heat, making the coil surface cold, which causes CONDENSATE to form!!

  4. these are the guys that burn there houses down. Condenser is outside unless its a heat pump in heating mode. Here a tech tip used nitrogen or compressed air the only thing is you have to close off the hole to the drain pan requiring removal of cover to hold your thumb over hole while applying pressure thru tee then flush with plenty of water. that will be $75.00 sign here..

  5. YES YES YES markpetrich hes a dodo bird lol evap coil is in the ATTIC. use a wet vacuum or a MIGHTY PUMP. i just got one to use for work. YES IM A PRO.
    i get payed the big bucks to clean your drain line. no SNAKE! stupid no WARM water, more stupid. wet vacuum from out side, or mighty pump. DONE DEAL. no i didnt get payed from mighty pump………

  6. I know this video is old, but it really helped me figure out where all the water was coming from AND how to find/clear the clog.
    Thank you!

    My AC only has one condensator, no backup to warn of issues. And my furnace is in the basement (where the video owner has his unit in the attic).
    The clues were all there, and this helped me to see them.

  7. can I make another drain line cause mu packag type ac always overflow since I have 4 and only one drain line is connected how can I control of it thank you for the help

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