Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Interior Painting Tips

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Interior Painting Tips

The secret to a great paint job is the prep.
Unless you tape off everything and do all your homework, it’s going to be very inefficient
and very frustrating and it’s not going to look very good. So you always want to make
sure you protect your floors and protect all the edges.

When it comes to painting a
room, the most important thing is to start at the top – the ceiling – once you get that
out of the way, you can head towards the walls.

And then, when it comes to the walls,
I would suggest taping off all of the molding everywhere that you go. And I’m not trying
to cost you more money, but it really does pay to buy more expensive tape because this
tape is designed to only adhere lightly to the paint –to the other painted surfaces,
and they won’t remove the paint when it comes off, which it often does if you use
the cheap tape.

So once you’ve taped off the edges, what you can do is use an edger.
This will really make things go more quickly. And you just want to float it in the paint
lightly just to get the paint to adhere to the bristles, but not to the wheels at the
top edge. Once you’ve done that, you can very quickly, efficiently, paint off all these
edges. You want to make sure you get a pretty even coat. You don’t have to worry too much
about it not because we’re about to go back over it with a roller.

The key to this
is to saturate the roller and keep it wet. You don’t want to wring it until it’s
dry. So what you’ll do is make a large pattern- a large ‘w’ if you will, and roll until
you feel the paint is pretty well off there. Again, you don’t want to have to wring it
dry because then you’re going to have thin spots and you’re only going to have to go
back and paint them again. So keep it wet, but not sopping wet. Just do that repeatedly
working in the order that you decide – top to bottom, left to right. So you’ll have
a much better end result.

10 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Interior Painting Tips

  1. I hate using tape….I have an awesome brush, a steady hand and lots of patience….and it always turns out great.

  2. yeah cutting in sucks.. I like the tools they make to save time. if you don't mind a 1/4 gap at the top of the ceiling you could use the edger without tape.. I use red angletip foam brushes, and carry a wet cloth for overstroke.

  3. as a painter myself, cutting with a brush always gives you a better result. Cut first then paint walls never do the reverse. unless your putting up a border or crown mould then you don't need to cut.

  4. how many people honestly cut In and roll right away unless its a flat, roll first coat, cut twice roll again as with most eggshells

  5. Addressing several comments, yes professional painters do use tape. When you tape off trim you can use a 4" roller to roll against it istead of dragging that paint pad. You can let cut-in's dry before wall is rolled if you feather out the cut in slightly instead of having that 4 inch border. On the second coat it helps a lot to roll wall when cut-ins are wet though. Please no one roll a wall with this guys technique. Walls get painted top to bottom, not top 2.5 feet, then middle 2.5 feet, so on.

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