Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Recaulking the Bathtub, Shower & Bathroom Sink

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Recaulking the Bathtub, Shower & Bathroom Sink

When you’re caulking around a tub or a sink,
it’s important to dig out the old caulk first, especially if it’s grown some mold,
because that will just go through the new caulk. So, it’s a little bit tedious, but
it really is essential to get out the old caulk and dig that out all the way around.

And once you’ve done that, the next important thing is to select the right caulk.
You want to use silicone caulk in the bathroom because it is the most waterproof and the
most mildew resistant. And it will also adhere better to porcelain.

So when it comes
to cutting the tip off the caulk tube, you want to cut it at an angle and then you want
to either insert a nail, or if your caulk gun has it, you insert the little rod down
to break the membrane, which always grows and develops on the caulk inside.

once you’ve got it loaded in there, it’s really pretty straightforward. You want to
hold the tip so it is flat against that edge. And you want to begin dispensing a couple
of squeezes will get it down to the tip. And once the caulk keeps coming out, you just
keep a smooth even motion all the way around. You may have to go back, but don’t do it

And then, once you’ve kind of dispensed, again, nothing beats a wet finger to just
smooth it out all the way around, and probably any gaps that were left in the first pass
are probably going to be taken care of once you smooth it out. And that’s really all
there is to it, and it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

10 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Recaulking the Bathtub, Shower & Bathroom Sink

  1. The wet finger is usually unnecessary if you hold the gun pointing the opposite way, which is to point the gun in the direction of travel, not away from it. Also start off with a small diameter nozzle, practice on two bits of wood or whatever, then make the nozzle bigger if necessary. (You can make the nozzle bigger by cutting more off, but you can't make it smaller)

  2. "Insert the rod to break the membrane…" Um, yeah… LOL

    Actually, I wondered what that needle on my caulk gun was for. Now I know! Thx!

  3. Always make sure to check out the space that you want to caulk. And make sure you cut the nozzle low or high enough to match the gap! Makes for a neater job. Check out my channel for some great free information on how to project manage your kitchen makeover.

  4. If you don't want to spit on your finger to tool the caulk (lol), spray your finger with dish soap and water and that would probably work better to seal it completely.

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