Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Tips for Painting Trim

Home Improvement & Repair on Video : Tips for Painting Trim

The last thing you want to do in a room is
paint the wood trim – around the doors, the baseboards, and the crown molding if you have
it. and it’s exceptionally important to tape off the edges of this. And a lot times
when you’re using trim paint, especially if it’s oil-based paint, it has a tendency
to seep, even under the tape. No matter how well you tape and how well you press it against
the edge. So I have a little trick to take care of that seepage. And that is to apply
a very thing layer of caulk along the edge. It doesn’t have to be much at all because
you’re basically going to wipe it off. Once you’ve done that, just use a wet finger
– nothing beats a little spit- to take off the caulk. But you’ve still left a very
fine membrane in place which is going to prevent the paint from seeping behind the tape.

And after that, it’s really just very straight forward. Things like a door stop are a lot
easier to just remove than to tape around. The thing you want to do with trim paint is
just to put on a light coat and don’t overwork it. There are flattening agents in the paint
which are going to cause it to flatten out. A lot of times people will continue working
the paint with the brush thinking, well, I need to get rid of these brush strokes. But
all they’re doing is thickening the paint the more you work it. So what you want to
do is use just a couple of strokes to apply it, and then just leave it. It will flatten
out, and you will end up with a really nice job.

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