Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Loosen Rusty Nuts & Bolts

Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Loosen Rusty Nuts & Bolts

Hi, I’m James with JNC Home Repair, today
I’m going to show you how to loosen a rusty bolt or rusty nut. First thing you want to
do if you’ve got, maybe you’re working on a car or you’re doing something around the
house and you run into a bolt that you can’t get off or a nut you can’t get off, one of
the easiest ways that you can do, to try to loosen it before you even attempt to try to
remove it, is you want to spray some penetrating liquid on it like some liquid wrench, some
kind of penetrating oil and let that sit on there for about thirty minutes or so and it’ll
actually penetrate in between the threads and it’ll actually help loosen the nut later.
Another one you can do is you can use a wire brush. Sometimes there’s a lot of build up
around the bolt and around the nut and you can use a wire brush and you can just clean
it and try to get some of that loose stuff off of there and that’ll help break it free.
There’s another way, possibly. A lot of times if, normally you go counterclockwise to loosen
something, if you actually put your socket or you put your wrench on the end of it and
you actually try to tighten it before you loosen it, sometimes that’ll break it loose
and then you’ll be able to back it off. A lot of times people are sitting there trying
to crank it off and it won’t come off and sometimes if you try to tighten is just a
little bit, try to give it a little bit of movement, and then you can back off of it
and it should break right loose.

15 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Loosen Rusty Nuts & Bolts

  1. heres a tip to everyone on loosing frozen parts pb blaster works great and so does kroil but if you want the ultimate in that catagory then a homemade product will do wonders you really wont believe , take a GLASS container your choice in size and mix automatic trans fluid and acetone in a 50/50 mix and blend it before each use makes pb blaster look like wd 40 be careful where u use it tho cuz atf wont come out of anything

  2. Their is nothing better than Kroil from Kano Laboratories. I've used PB Blaster, WD 40 and Kroil. PB is a little better than WD 40 but neither does it like Kroil. Half the time I don't need a wrench.

  3. 3rd option worked a treat! I was trying for ages than tried the 3rd one and BAM! Was so easy. Thanks for the tip mate!

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