Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Paint Bricks

Hi, I’m James with JNC Home Repair, today
I’m going to show you how to paint bricks or paint a brick. First thing you want to
know about painting bricks is it’s no different than a wall or painting anything else, it’s
just a little different prep process. It’s considering that a brick is a porous material,
it’s got a lot of pores, it’s got a lot of imperfections, it’s not a real smooth surface.
What professionals use is it’s called a block filler and you want to apply the block filler
to the brick before you actually use your finish coat and it brushes on or stays on
just like any other type of paint. It’s a little bit thicker, you may have to, if you’re
spraying it, you may have to adjust your tips, you may have to get a bigger tip with a bigger
diameter so it can actually flow through the gun right. If you’re brushing and rolling
it’s just applying the same way you would just do a regular wall or anything else. The
key to painting bricks is you want to use a block filler to actually penetrate and fill
those porous holes, if not, you’re going to end up trying to paint it twenty times before
you can actually get a good coat of paint on it. The block filler will actually help
you fill all those imperfections and you can come over with one finish coat.

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