Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Remove Caulk

Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Remove Caulk

Hi, I’m James, with JNC Home Repair. Today,
I’m going to show you how to remove caulk from a seam, between wood and siding. Basically,
removing caulk from anywhere else, it would be just the same, no matter where it is. Some
basic tools that you’re going to need for this job. You’re going to need a razor knife.
You’re going to need that to go ahead and score it, and try to cut down through it,
and pull it out. You also need a scraper, or a 5-in-1 tool, and actually going to use
this little part of the scraper, to actually dig in there, and kind of dig it out. The
main reason you may want to remove this stuff, is after time, weather starts drying it out,
and it starts shrinking up, and it actually starts separating, and as you’ll see, we’re
at a spot where it really needs to be replaced, but you need to go ahead, and get all of that
old stuff out, before you can actually put the new caulk in, or when you put the new
caulk in, it just won’t seal right, so we’re going to show you just how to remove it. What
we’re going to go ahead and do, is we’re going to take your razor knife, and what you want
to do, is you just want to just get right in your seam, and you just want to go ahead,
and just run your razor knife right down in the seam, and cut through it. It’s going to
make it a lot easier to remove. Once you’ve done that with your razor knife, you just
come in here with your scraper. You can actually get in there behind it now, and it’s just
all stuck together, and you can actually pull it out, just like so. It will actually just
come right out.

7 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Remove Caulk

  1. how about wre the window has been clad with aluminum?the joint is seperated but the used a polyurethane (vulkem)how do u remove this without taking the paint finish off or severly gouging and actuallt cutting the alloy cap?

  2. Awesome!!! tried other videos— didnt work. worked my way to yours. I am using that technique on window sill and it works very well!!! Thanks!!!! you explained it beautifully and it works great!!!!

  3. JESUS MAN, put some damn safety glasses on, you almost gouged your eyes out like 5 times! – great vid though!

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