Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Hi, I’m James with JNC Home Repair, today
I’m going to show you how to unclog a kitchen sink. First thing you need to know is the
first thing you’re going to need for this job is you’re going to need a basic snake,
or a clean out, it’s referred to as both terms, most people, in my field, they just call it
a snake. It’s used to unclog drains. You’re going to need a pair of channel locks, you’re
going to need these to actually remove the P trap and the clean out underneath the sink.
Most of the common problems occur just inside the drain, down into the P trap and just in
the basic PVC pipe that you see underneath the sink. That’s the most common place you’re
going to find your stop up, that’s the reason it’s clog. It’s usually some food that’s gotten
left, that didn’t get chopped up in the disposal that was just left in the line, and then it
goes down into the P trap and it just stays there and there’s not enough water pressure
to actually push it on out, so it just sits there and then, over time, a little bit more
builds up and a little bit more builds up and, sooner or later, it’ll clog up and then
you got water backing up in your sink and you may think you have a real major problem
but I’m almost willing to bet it’s probably something pretty simple. We’re going to go
ahead and walk you through that step today. First thing you want to do is you want to
get underneath your sink, clear out some room, you’re going to need a little room to work
with. You’re going to go ahead and remove your P trap with these channel locks and some
basic PVC fitting, they’re supposed to be hand tight but a lot of times they’re just
a little too snug to get off with your hand so it’s always good to have a pair of channel
locks with you so you can just go ahead and break them loose. Once you get the P trap
removed, you’re going to actually inspect it and make sure that there’s no kind of food
or any kind of blockage inside that P trap because that’s normally where the blockage
is going to occur. Once you clean that out, if there’s no blockage there, then you know
you’ve got a blockage somewhere past that point up and down into the sewer system, where
the water actually drains into the sewer. Run your snake down into the PVC line and
actually try to unclog this leak.

12 thoughts on “Home Improvement & Repair Tips : How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

  1. my sing doesnt have that thing where he stuck the snake but i tried everything also i dont have a garbage disposal ether but i still cant unclog my sink

  2. I'm having the same problem and i noticed you posted your comment about 5 months ago, so i'm guessing you mustve done something about it by now. out of curiosity, what did do do. I'm lost and REALLY don't want to call a plumber unless i absolutely have to. Thanks!

  3. @supergurl87 hun im afraid to say still never got the problem solved and i can't call a plummer so i have to use bucket to wash dishes

  4. wow, you're quite a trooper sticking it out this long! We got ours fixed using a snake. The pipes under our sink aren't exactly like the one in this video, but it DOES eventually go into a wall. Follow the pipes that begin directly beneath the sink, past the U-shaped part of the pipe (which you should remove), to where it ends. It SHOULD lead into a wall or something. I think you're supposed to snake through where u removed the u-shaped pipe and right through the pipes going into the wall.

  5. I watched 10 videos on how to unclog a kitchen sink I think yours is the best. Straight forward, to the point, very comprehensible.

  6. The snake wasn't working very well so when I left the room my stupid neighbor decided to put a cut off piece of garden hose down the line. I came back a few minutes later and he told me that the hose had broken off inside, To top it off he used a soak er hose with hundreds of holes in it. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? The problem is now even worse!

  7. I just unclogged my kitchen sink after watching this haha. It was the Coconut Cream Pie that did it. Thanks!

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